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  1. Will I have problems to access with tickets under other person's name?

  2. Fergie's "National Anthem" is called as "worst ever’ performance at NBA game"

    idk what have to say.... Still is it the worst ever
  3. Fergie's "National Anthem" is called as "worst ever’ performance at NBA game"

    What is the best version ever?
  4. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    better not. My english were horrible in 2014
  5. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    Thank you
  6. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    Im a bit better in english than in 2014 btw- remember how everyone were in Exhale like this: I did lots of spam what no one understands
  7. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    Her cheap team sucks because they dont have money for personal metter
  8. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    I think from Alien song. Idk now. But I see some pics with small size of costume where she looked fat unnecessary.
  9. Fergie's "National Anthem" is called as "worst ever’ performance at NBA game"

    here I can save it normally via browser
  10. Fergie's "National Anthem" is called as "worst ever’ performance at NBA game"

    lmao this gif
  11. STAR MANGLED BANNER Amazing moment Black Eyed Peas star Fergie ‘butchers’ the US national anthem with ‘worst ever’ performance at NBA game Some joked "kneeling quarterback" Colin Kaepernick would stand up just to stop her from performing By Jay Akbar 19th February 2018, 10:53 am Updated: 19th February 2018, 10:55 am Play Video BLACK Eyed Peas star Fergie has been savaged for what's being branded the worst National Anthem performance ever. The songstress, 42, was given the honour of singing for a crowd of famous faces, including Beyoncé, ahead of the NBA All Star game. AFP OR LICENSORS 14 Black Eyed Peas star Fergie was accused of butchering the National Anthem ahead of the NBA All Star Game 14 One Twitter account posted a picture of Agent J from Men In Black, holding a device which erases memories GETTY IMAGES - GETTY 14 Fergie relaxes after her ear-splitting performance Get the best Sun stories with our daily Sun10 newsletter Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy Stars have been known to make the performance their own and Fergie, who has sold millions of records as a solo artist and in a band, decided to put a jazz spin on hers. Waving her arms energetically, she sang breathily into the microphone before belting out what many have described as "flat notes". Her performance drew giggles from the likes of Chance the Rapper and some of the players ready to take to the court. She seemed very pleased with her performance but social media users were unsurprisingly merciless in their assessment. USA TODAY SPORTS 14 Fergie waved her hands wildly as she belted out the anthem Some joked even Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who knelt in protest during the anthem, stood up and told her "not to disrespect it". Meme account "Girl Posts" took inspiration from Will Smith's iconic character in Men in Black, sharing a GIF of Agent J holding a device which erases people's memories. The caption read: "Everyone who saw Fergiesing the National Anthem please look directly into your phone... You're welcome." Actor Bob Saget held nothing back, tweeting: "Fergie's anthem woke pigs and cheep in petting zoos across America." 14 Many joked that Colin Kaepernick would stand to tell her to stop disrespecting the anthem AP:ASSOCIATED PRESS 14 Quarterback Kaepernick became an icon for kneeling in protest during a national anthem performance 14 Actor Bob Saget was merciless, saying her performance woke pigs and sheep across America 14 Many took to Twitter to savage the 42-year-old Black Eyed Peas star 14 Many made reference to the awkwardness felt inside the Staples Center during the performance A cheeky Chris Franjola said: "Now I know what the National Anthem would sound like if Carol from accounting sang it after five mango daiquiris." While C Shaw made a very clever reference to an environment of utter awkwardness inside the stadium during the performance. Several players and celebs could be seen sniggering and nervously trying not to catch the camera's gaze as Fergie belted out her... rendition. Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry was even caught "liking" tweets making fun of the performance while his Western Conference teammates were on the court. GETTY - CONTRIBUTOR 14 The All Star game was attended by the likes of actors Nick Cannon and Jamie Foxx GETTY IMAGES - GETTY 14 Songstress Beyonce was also there to witness the car crash performance USA TODAY SPORTS 14 Former actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger looks bemused at what is happening on court GETTY IMAGES - GETTY 14 Floyd Mayweather finds something hilarious but to many, the national anthem was no laughing matter GETTY - CONTRIBUTOR 14 Jamie Foxx is telling someone to stop but it is impossible to tell if Fergie was performing at the time Stars including Jack Nicholson, Michael B Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out for the showdown. It has been held every year between a mix of the league's star players since its inauguration in 1958. For the first time in 67 All-Star games, the league abandoned the traditional East-West format used since 1951, instead allowing the two captains to pick their sides.
  12. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    I mean wrong size in BJ era.
  13. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    Who knows --- I mentioned that user in comments who posted this pic with wrong year about this mistake....
  14. That Is Not 2015ney!!

    This! Her team just gave to her shitty (size of) costumes. Her body was and will be still normal!
  15. 4 years ago today, Britney grabbed my hand while performing Alien.

    omg enda, you are nice. But there are many people in this world, what are also nice