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  1. main page Britney Makes How Much On Her Perfumes?

    actually i hope she'll release a ''follow-up fragrance'' to Curious/Curious In Control, and of course a men's fragrance. can't believe how big the slayage will be if she does this.
  2. My Neighbour Oh Lord

    just play Work Bitch, remember to turn up the volume
  3. What Do You Study?

    yay, two nursing members. i'm studying psychiatric nursing
  4. Little Boy Learning Who's The Queen

    his eyes anyone who knows his instagram/twitter?
  5. Snapchat

    I love TCSBS though
  6. main page New Fantasy Perfume Name Registered

    so slayed by this tbh, cant wait for a Do-Something-esque perfume ad/commercial !! this made my day
  7. Snapchat

    and peace out motherfuckers!!
  8. Vegas A Target Of Al Qaeda Attacks!

    Another source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2737067/Go-Las-Vegas-Al-Qaeda-magazine-tells-wannabe-terrorists-step-step-instructions-make-car-bomb-kitchen-Mom.html
  9. Vegas A Target Of Al Qaeda Attacks!

  10. Vegas A Target Of Al Qaeda Attacks!

    source: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/08/28/al-qaeda-magazine-urges-terrorists-to-hit-vegas-military-academies-and-stores/
  11. Vegas A Target Of Al Qaeda Attacks!

    i just hope they dont visit vegas
  12. Vegas A Target Of Al Qaeda Attacks!

    omg, this makes me worry, I just hope the security check will block them away
  13. Snapchat

    ok, i 'm changing my user name to DontSmokeWeed
  14. How Not To React When Your Child Tells You He's Gay

    that's repulsive, cant believe someone in a family can become a two-faced bitch when it comes to human sexuality