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  1. main page New Old Picture Of Justin And Britney

    They looked really happy.
  2. main page Britney Gets Interviewed For The Insider With Yahoo

    Ooh La La. She didn't mention one song. She really doesn't want to promote it!
  3. main page What Makes Britney Spears Feel Sexy?

    Simple, fast and awsome. I like the interview.
  4. main page Britney Tweets Picture Of Jayden!

    He'll a king in the future anyway!
  5. OMG I am totally slayed!
  6. main page Are You Ready?

    Baby, fuck you- Dramatic
  7. What are they doing? Taking injections of vitamine B12?
  8. main page Are You Ready?

    Wtf is this childish game?!
  9. OMG yes! What's the time for Europe?? (Rome, Budapest, Zagreb...)
  10. main page New Item Added To The Britney Store

    So she's unmoisting us from now on?
  11. I dont like that one. She looks like a 10 year old scared and shy girl. The other one is amazing. Plus, I didn't see these XFactorney photos. Are they also new?
  12. main page New Fantasy Perfume Name Registered

    Photo is flawless. But another fantasy? Bitch, you just released Stage Edition!