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  1. RT @supersaiyanbey: Omg she‘s seriously Nala in The Lion King. She‘s a legend. https://t.co/GiQEDHTCsH

  2. RT @JohnFugelsang: Mitt Romney, millionaire-at-birth Nam-supporting-draft-dodger who likes to fire people & thinks millionaires have it rou…

  3. RT @KingBeyonceStan: Since Janet stans know so much what are these? https://t.co/iYnLTbSwZA

  4. RT @KingBeyonceStan: Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream are trash. https://t.co/QDcfCcacSh

  5. RT @SenMarkey: We need just one more Republican Senator to pass my #NetNeutrality CRA in the Senate. Keep raising your voices. Send a mes…

  6. RT @jdrillinshxt: It’s 2008 you wake up with night sweats from a bad dream. You open your eyes to see a light and all you here is “All my f…

  7. RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Russian News Outlet TASS reports that the Russian Spy Chief, Sergey Naryshkin, who is under US sanctions, enter…

  8. RT @iglooratchet: I honestly, truly stan a legend. https://t.co/UQ7FUp8aum

  9. RT @PlazaThings: Aubrey Plaza being pulled away by Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt after making a speech thanking the devil (2014) https://t.…

  10. RT @HUNTYCHAN: beyoncé originally wrote green light as an entry for the bible but jesus INSISTED she release it herself as it was much too…

  11. RT @kylieminogue: 💛💛💛 https://t.co/26R20UqLZd

  12. RT @BitchMe2TheFuck: THIS VIDEO IS STILL EVERYTHING DNDKKSKSK https://t.co/F98FB8a4lG

  13. RT @kordeisdiary: i’m lowkey mad https://t.co/VFbhcRiOHV

  14. RT @VlNCHY: i thought this lady was fuckin staring at me for 5 minutes till i realized it was a magazine https://t.co/eb0gLWvf6i

  15. It's #MyTwitterAnniversary! I have been on Twitter for 5 years (since 5 Jan 2013). And you? https://t.co/Nmxbv8VPN3