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  1. Blackout In The Jean Reloaded
  2. Lack of promo comes from Britney's team. Im thankful for Iggy even trying to give some promo to the song. I don't get the hate...
  3. main page Kesha Loves Our Britney Spears!

    @britneyspears: Aww you're so sweet! Thank you you Keesha! Xoxo #FadedLikeMyJeans #CoolLikeIce
  4. Gimme More Getting Serious Promo!

    I took that picture lol i have the video as well http://tinypic.com/r/161ezhz/8
  5. Brand New Britney Jean Demos

    Both songs are Elle Vee https://m.soundcloud.com/elleveemusic/no-tomorrow-written-and-sung-by-elle-vee
  6. How Awkward..

    Chris Cocker's impact tbh
  7. O M G Yes! She Killed It!

    Lol typical me tbh You got to see POM in August?
  8. O M G Yes! She Killed It!

    I has to go back and check on my ticket lmfaoo!!! 4/25/14 so April. What the hell was i thinking. I think june was when i went to San Jose for Femme Fatale.
  9. O M G Yes! She Killed It!

    Edit:Right!? So jappy for us. I forgot what leg i went to but i went in April.
  10. O M G Yes! She Killed It!

    Jealous of those who got to go to this show!
  11. I love Every song in Blackout. Britney Jean didnt do that for me.
  12. I didn't know there was a new era coming. Omg...
  13. The Womanizer Guy...