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  1. RT @JackieWSYX6: #UPDATE Humane Society of Columbus now releasing total number of cats rescued from a Gahanna home—166 but 55 cats were fou…

  2. RT @TheBritneyArmy: #PieceOfMe returns to Vegas for the FINAL 5 performances in 1 week!!! 😱 https://t.co/TPK3DW9yc4

  3. RT @SimpleReminders: A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else. — Unknown Author

  4. @yolandaharrisTV Nothing wrong with loving them! They are really caring, generous people that people don’t give the… https://t.co/4RcNbJ0l92

  5. RT @absolutebritney: New Picture From #MakeMe @britneyspears Single Cover Photoshoot! https://t.co/DnMJUbJd3f https://t.co/gzMcWKwDeD

  6. RT @OfficialLivePD: It's Black Friday which means lot's of deals and all new #LivePD! Don't miss new episodes tonight and tomorrow night at…

  7. @LivePdFans @OfficialLivePD So when they’re just filming throughout the week & it’s not during the live broadcast,… https://t.co/NWkVzToZH8

  8. @watdez @PHVegas @DancinTableTop @britneyspears @TheBestOfLV Oh I know. If there was a bidding war going on before… https://t.co/1bhLvaQ6mI

  9. @AndriFriz @MuuMuse @fiebrebritney_ Where did this rumor originate about Britney possibly having a new contract with MGM?

  10. @juneconey @netflix @britneyspears @TheBritneyArmy @NetflixBrasil Yaaaaasss!!!

  11. RT @BadMoms: Get your drink on with these official #BadMomsXmas wine glasses. RT for a chance to win. More Info: https://t.co/PYY6y9bjtn ht…

  12. @curleycat248 @helaine_tapp @danabrams @K_Law124 Well first off... you’re coming off antagonistic yourself when you… https://t.co/etS8VzZPRa

  13. @Rambobiggs Lol. Actually if you’d watch, they tell ppl all the time a lil bit of marijuana isn’t a big deal & some… https://t.co/dtY7Ea04Cr

  14. RT @britneyspears: Vegas, we felt your love and your strength last night ❤️ #VegasStrong https://t.co/r2Sao8WmkO

  15. RT @britneyspears: Completely heartbroken over the news this morning. Keeping the victims of last night's tragedy in Las Vegas in my prayer…