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  1. RT @AFP: Stars Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska back the #MeToo movement at the launch of their new film, a 'feminist Western' called 'D…

  2. RT @m_yosry2012: Good https://t.co/65k9zVyHSf

  3. RT @UberFacts: Octavia Spencer is going to buy out a Black Panther screening for underserved kids in Mississippi: https://t.co/Ee4s9aTDLx

  4. RT @msduh: A message to my enemies. https://t.co/kMjGN5WBe6

  5. RT @ClintFalin: When you shoot your shot with that cutie at the dog park. https://t.co/8iQQM7qO5f

  6. 📷 thesmithsrockWith #ArielaBarer of Marvels #Runaways and #GothCarmen from #OneDayAtATime .. #GertYorkes #Hulu… https://t.co/oQ27R6Y2Jf

  7. RT @hornyfranta: You wanna know how to make me cry just mention this scene or even Chase & Gert and you will see me sobbing on the floor ht…

  8. RT @itsssSilviaa: @RWitherspoon @Oprah And @Zendaya has one leg lol really where does it go? https://t.co/hO2LiTN8cg

  9. RT @MarioManca: Daniele Bossari meriterebbe un programma in prima serata anche solo per aver citato Lawrence d'Arabia e aver alzato l'astic…

  10. RT @NimaNeemz: Iconic https://t.co/SoHv3uwvq3

  11. RT @smiletroian: spike looking at buffy appreciation tweet https://t.co/MqFPLyQ0Az

  12. RT @fuckuufknfucker: "Scully, you looked so adorbs just there" #TheXFiles https://t.co/vl2UsrxXan

  13. RT @IMDb: Best TV Supporting Actor goes to… Alexander Skarsgård for #BigLittleLies! https://t.co/yAH5k9LVbD #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/GmEu…

  14. RT @myfuckingfears: if someone uses a thousand years for another ship, remember this: https://t.co/lefZEXxkYJ

  15. RT @MTV: This is too precious for words. #MTVAwards https://t.co/Xu7BpoZL84