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  1. @joelcreasey Love this read!! So many times I’ve been made to feel like I don’t belong cause I’ve put on weight...… https://t.co/7fwijdJvKk

  2. @JessicaLibertyX @KelliYoungX @wonderwomanshel any liberty x gigs in August? I’m back in Uk for Britney so think I… https://t.co/GnCZ9ZEItc

  3. @DeltaGoodrem @OfficialMelB @victoriabeckham @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic @GeriHalliwell Come on spice girls!!! I was… https://t.co/Okv9vehs0a

  4. @DeltaGoodrem can you put us out of misery and say if the tour DVD is still coming? X

  5. @britneyspears @DeltaGoodrem https://t.co/lQTmBdWn3E

  6. @wonderwomanshel @KelliYoungX @JessicaLibertyX ❤️❤️❤️ legends

  7. @m83_michelle @TeamMBI @jtimberlake @britneyspears Exactly he could of just said no, but it’s always a controversia… https://t.co/8zVBTwpTrP

  8. @carlyylalaa Yas🙌🏻🙌🏻 I miss jeans and jumpers not fun wearing shorts when you got short stumpy legs like me

  9. After working out in 36 degree heat no better way to spend Sunday night watching @joelcreasey eating creme egg ice… https://t.co/yqWSKPWmWw

  10. @joelcreasey You win as far as im concerned lol marriage is for old people hello fresh is for fresh young people

  11. @DavidCampbell73 Stop is the most iconic but I think say you’ll be there is one of the best, it’s one of the only song posh has a solo

  12. @TheBritneyArmy What was the announcement has it been yet?

  13. Bought myself a vinyl player just for the innocent eyes vinyl sitting on my shelf... my god it sounds so amazing… https://t.co/KgJ4awM3yp

  14. @Nomalee4 @DeltaGoodrem My friend got me a cushion cover ha ha https://t.co/z8vqJR4CuR

  15. @planetdelta @SonyMusicAU Even if it was just on iTunes I’d be happy at this point, yeah I don’t get why nothing ha… https://t.co/ue2zXmP63f