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  1. This vinyl of innocent eyes is literally the best thing of 2017!!! @DeltaGoodrem job well done the disc is beautiful https://t.co/40cSG4NcHC

  2. @tammygamble @JordyP1991 I’m so sad I’m not gonna be coming next week :(

  3. @martineofficial any chance of an Australian promo tour? Dying to hear you slay the new album plus my coming out song (perfect moment) xx

  4. Throwback Tuesday @JessicaLibertyX this woman was my idol, I remember fighting to be Jess’s number 1 fan 😂 thanks J… https://t.co/hmBjWixXFa

  5. @Krazy_Kritter91 @deltagoodnews @DeltaGoodrem Glenelg has them too now

  6. @carlyylalaa Poor thing being made to do something so scary for what? Nothing waste of an amazing animal

  7. @kelly_clarkson will you be touring Australia again soon???

  8. #deltatribe our lioness @DeltaGoodrem deserves your vote... let’s show aussies how we roll!! #youwokeuptheanimal https://t.co/1kNMsSPeEL

  9. @Colvick There has to be a soundtrack surely!!! Think we should get hopelessly devoted to you for Christmas as a gift lol

  10. What do we think adeltas?? Adelaide @DeltaGoodrem fans let's do a delta themed picnic @jessleedham? https://t.co/kKP4HyqjxW

  11. @JordyP1991 @jen_stratton @jessleedham @Soph22may @TahliaOrlicki Shame we can't do a group FaceTime on a big screen… https://t.co/el3mfBVbdE

  12. On a lunch break at work, goes into target and did abit of wings of the wild promo for @DeltaGoodrem #wingsofthewild https://t.co/p5yLRl4CTv

  13. @paddyl90 @DeltaGoodrem I really wanna hear the Zara Larson never forget you again she slayed that

  14. Innocent eyes vinyl by @DeltaGoodrem I got mine pre ordered at @sanityonline looks beautiful https://t.co/7IpTCB4V9n

  15. @DeltaGoodrem ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/ivf4oMTUCj