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      Due to the upgrade you need to reselect your theme, this upgrade was huge so the old theme files didn't function anymore.
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  1. @MeathRight2Life @senatornoone @campaignforleo @SimonHarrisTD Did you ever think that maybe the general consensus i… https://t.co/W61uVTXGmg

  2. RT @anniewestdotcom: Hail. Hail. We rejoice at the long-awaited arrival of our Fallopian Overlords https://t.co/2NJlRTFLQb

  3. @lilyallen do it! peer pressure! (not really, but I neeed new music!!!!!!!)

  4. Our biggest fans this week: @CormacOB93. Thank you! via https://t.co/8BztRqFwCq https://t.co/SMDC4vQIeJ

  5. @shondarhimes All I can say is Thank You.

  6. @KeithWalsh2fm bombarding rtefm with dm's and texts! for the Taylor competition!! Absolutely desperate! My Boyfrien… https://t.co/MXkue4MKvn

  7. @kathygriffin he acts like he's still a thing?....2009 was a long time ago.

  8. My halloween costume this year! Elphaba from #Wicked. @idinamenzel @KChenoweth https://t.co/INBOwh1gBA

  9. RT @susanlohan: Please R/T https://t.co/4uCAShGZXQ

  10. @Robynrochex I will!

  11. RT @MaxKav10: hi i’m Trixie Mattel and i’m Katya! and welcome to https://t.co/McpRuO2nbb

  12. RT @Colmogorman: This @ITletters from Catherine Stocker nails the nonsense from @RonanMullen & @mattiemcgrathtd on #8Committe #ItsTime #rep…

  13. I can't rant about college, but I can say I genuinely hate irish culture in general.

  14. My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 New Follower, 6 Favorited, 1 Retweet, 497 Retweet Reach, 7 Tweets. See yours with… https://t.co/U3uAgbigaQ

  15. @MartinStJohn6 @rtenews and what do the church do? fact bashing?