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  1. More passive aggressive remarks from a certain someone. Fuck off.

  2. RT @IrishBritFans: I still think I am dreaming when I look back at these 💛 and she remembered me too. B has the kindest heart ever always s…

  3. You'd be making my dream come true!!! I'm raising money for Help Me Meet My Idol https://t.co/2h8Bj1j4Pt via @gofundme

  4. @spookysadhbh I hath slideth.

  5. Our biggest fans this week: @karlt187. Thank you! via https://t.co/8BztRqFwCq https://t.co/X2CPMisCYd

  6. Come Monday I'm cutting all bullshit. If I see bullshit, I will call it out. Be warned.

  7. God help Anti-Choicers when they realise that People with DS aren't eternal children, are capable of sexual reprodu… https://t.co/wJD8oiZAgj

  8. Justin Timberlake said Vegas was for people planning early retirement. Meanwhile, Britney sold out her world Tour… https://t.co/rBqzkDWolS

  9. RT @RTE2fm: Oooops! She's doing it again! (sorry) 😑 Britney is BACK! WIN 2 tix to see @britneyspears at @3arenadublin! RT & head here…

  10. @spookysadhbh Monderian Maggie Simpson?

  11. We know that these same faces won't get respected on their own, but with this kind of backing, and the same shitsho… https://t.co/eArJ1mj5zW

  12. @IGGYAZALEA i dont think its a chemical assurance, its just nice that the doubt related nerves have stopped!

  13. @mileysblackout @PopFactsNews She's literally a country singer in the same vein as early Taylor that fans grew up with. Seems logical

  14. RT @anniemoriarty3: Role play https://t.co/ETdmh7Hogt