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Cold As Fire

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  1. 2009ney's Style Was Amazing

    Rest In Peace (1998-2010)
  2. main page New Britney Tweet + Picture!

    She looks amazing.
  3. What the fuck is wrong with Sia

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj757ishXnQ I mean.
  4. Addressing Circus Fans.

    In fact, Circus is probably one of the most fascinating pop albums since 2006/07 imo. It has its own vibe and story in a very strong and cohesive way. It felt like a complete breath of fresh air back in the day. It had some of her best vocals ever as well (e.g. Blur, Circus, Shattered Glass, KTL etc), it's very various and every song sounds different. Not to mention, Circus had her most experimental uptempo ever - Mannequin - she's never done anything like that before. The only massive problem with Circus is its messy track list. The bonus tracks are better than half of the standard edition. On top of all that, Circusney looked more stunning than your faves have and ever will.
  5. I can put a smile on your face

  6. main page New Britney Fragrance In This Fall!

    I hope they film a commercial for that one.
  7. The Brit army is divided

    I don't think the fan-base is necessarily "divided". Everyone decided to stay on the forum that they like most. It's nothing but a matter of personal taste and preference.
  8. Bow Down to Queen's Flawless Videography

    Except for her last one.
  9. MATM Circus versus MATM Vegas

    Your avatar is truly gorgeous.
  10. MATM Circus versus MATM Vegas

    Same tbh
  11. Which Ice Do You Prefer?

    Break The Ice aka her best uptempo ever along with Gimme More.
  12. MATM Circus versus MATM Vegas

    Do you mean the set up, props and production? Or the way she's executing the choreography?
  13. MATM Circus versus MATM Vegas

    Obviously Vegas. Nothing can beat the original choreography (even if it's kinda half-assed).