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  1. Theory for Mood Ring

    i mean... it could be clever, the color change thing gives the song a chance to be kinda vibey/psychedelic mixed with a little urban that could be a pretty nice sound.
  2. Theory for Mood Ring

    haha based off of the tracks we've been given so far, i'm feeling like a booty call song isn't too far off target lol!
  3. Theory for Mood Ring

    Its either a song literally about a mood ring, about all the colors changing with feelings. which could be cool -or- It could be a play on words and the song is about giving someone a call when you're in the "mood" Thoughts? feelings? mood ring?
  4. What is going on...

    Slay! I was just at JC penny and Alien played. I was pleasantly shocked
  5. One of the few people who had true insight to Britney's beautiful soul, I hope his finds peace. What a loss for the dance world, & he was way young. R.I.P.
  6. main page Britney shares her son’s drawing!

    makes me appreciate Break the Ice video a little more, tbh. Her boys probably think its so cool that their mom has an entire video as an anime super spy.
  7. Don't worry people! Beyonce's routine for her award was all compiled performances she was already doing on tour, and it was flawless and the public still loved it! If its polished they will love Britney's performance too. My only worry tonight is for her nerves, because if it was me i would be a hot mess.
  8. Does Anyone Know If Bpproductions01..

    thats what I'm saying!!! I see that theres vids being uploaded to instagram, but I need those full performances to bless me and give me life all aver again. My soul is still in vegas. I gave it to B.
  9. Does Anyone Know If Bpproductions01..

    oh mah gosh i hope that they do/did I will be so slayed if my britney show is immortalized as a full show on that youtube channel.
  10. filmed the whole show for 2/20/16? i saw they were there for 2 nights the friday show on the 19th and saturday show. My show was the 20th and I have always loved their videos. i will be slayed if they got good footage of my show. but seriously it was so good you guys, I didn't want it to end
  11. The Penis Comment Was Good Pr!

    She meant it in a sassy/sexy sarcastic way, like obviously its a bit about sex, she's standing there in panties. she was just being cheeky
  12. My Family Slayed Me. Im Gonna See The Queen!

    i have to find out for sure, but i know we're to the left of the stage if you're facing it, and i think they said 5th row or something like that. idk how the seating works so ill have to get it more figured out! i can't believe I'm even planning this lol!
  13. My Family Slayed Me. Im Gonna See The Queen!

    I have a bit of social anxiety so i was nervous to express how i really felt inside, which was something like this
  14. My Family Slayed Me. Im Gonna See The Queen!

    thank you!!!
  15. My Family Slayed Me. Im Gonna See The Queen!

    Thank you! yeah it was super cute and exciting. I talk about Britney all the time including this morning.. so they all thought i knew. NOPE just obsessed nbd.. Im so excited, i still don't think the reality has hit me yet!