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  1. Anyone planning to see her summer tour?

    I do. Got tickets for the israel show for far
  2. main page Welcome to Absolute Britney!!!

    I live the black.
  3. Love it but sounds a bit too much ashanti/keri hilson reject
  4. "Britney's family hates her new man"

    Ofc they are dating. It's pretty obvious. Lol look at all the hints she drops. But i dont like him either. Looks too much like a gold digger indeed
  5. Slumber Party live at POM for the first time!

    Im just beyond disappointed they didnt go with solo. Tinashe can fuck off really
  6. So, judging from this fiasco / meltdown...

    right. i like u, u're funny.
  7. So, judging from this fiasco / meltdown...

    LOL no, she's had a lot but just not collabos.
  8. So, judging from this fiasco / meltdown...

    c'mon. MATM was never a hit, it did so so for 2003 level of Brit's stardom. Boys was ok but again - nothing big. S&S - yes, totally forgot but let's face it, it's not Brit's rmx, i dont even count it
  9. WHAT B.S. IS THIS??!!!

    WHAT THE ............. no words. thank god i saved it on my laptop to a different folder. and have 2 copies of CDs..... i;d be mad as fuck
  10. So, judging from this fiasco / meltdown...

    i dont get why are they so obsessed with collabos..... none of them has ever worked
  11. RUMOR Britney and Tom Hiddleston?

    Eww not taylor's leftovers

    god, i love u
  13. Britney's lifetime biopic set to premiere in January

    Ummm they shot it in 6 + months?!!,? They can keep it