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  1. 5Th Leg: Full Videos Thread

    I know I'm really really late but I just saw that she doesn't do the first chorus POM choreo anymore Does anybody know why? It was pure slayage
  2. The Justin Timberlake is a Douchey, Vile, Whiny Asshole Thread

    Best thread ever
  3. main page New "V" Magazine Picture Outtake

    This shoot was so beautiful I can't rn
  4. GossipCop: Britney and David DID NOT break up

    Even my local news are reporting this lie. The thirst for Britney news is real
  5. She looks so amazing but gurl those shoes
  6. Ultraviolence is so amazing, I love most of the songs
  7. 2013ney Appreciation Thread

    2013ney slayed me so much
  8. This girl in my class...

    She seems to be a really weird girl, she probably has a reason to act like this tho
  9. This girl in my class...

    You want to help everyone, I'm like that as well, but we need to accept that we can't help everyone and it seems that this girl doesn't want your help.

    Unusual you, and then we kiss, heaven on earth
  11. This bitch....

    From all the things you can call Britney, she chose ugly lol Btw drag her til she regrets her birth
  12. Britney-Galaxy.Com Android App is Now Available!

    Don't worry, it's not that bad, I love this app [emoji7] can't wait for the updates
  13. Britney-Galaxy.Com Android App is Now Available!

    The pics on the articles are too big on my phone