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  1. To be honest - I like more this version of Trouble....

    it's better
  2. Coupure Electrique Should be in POM

    it def should
  3. I can't believe how much the show changes with good video editing She looks like primeney during some dancebreaks I'm shook
  4. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

    The only good ones are the red bikini of bom, the bbma 2015 one, the work bitch blue one and some black leotards. The others are total trash
  5. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

  6. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

    Well Marco Marco were bad but Piece Of Me is full of the worst costumes I've ever seen. She really wore (and is still wearing) some tacky, cheap, ugly, unfitting pieces of shit.
  7. Crying....

  8. Crying....

    A STAAAAR IN THE SKYYYYY SO YOU CAN SAVE ME This lowkey slays her whole post 2004 career
  9. It's cheap, tacky, awful and doesn't match the section of the show. Shit is embarrassing as fuck
  10. Well it's not bad and she looks like AMAZING in it. It doesn't fit the section AT ALL though. It doesn't match the dancer or the overall mood. It would have been perfect for slave or for breathe and touch...
  11. jesus christ dywco performance suck hard
  12. She looks beautiful and energetic but the performances suck hard
  13. That's mainly because she doesn't train her dancing and rehearsing so much. She always looks uncertain when executing choreography because she doesn't really remember every step. When she's not really dancing but just moving around the stage she looks ten times better, because she really is feeling herself. She's not taking it seriously and you can tell. There's no excuses anymore: she looks confident, healthy, happy, fit and well trained (unlike 2013-14 or 2011). She doesn't want better choreography or better performances because she doesn't want to challenge herself. That's simple.