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  1. I KNOW!!! I thought i was the only seeing this Thanks! Although with the proper make-up, she covers those flaws a little bit She is still beautiful! But it's not the old natural beauty we used to know anymore... It's kinda sad...
  2. Umm... i prefer the old introduction with the sphere, but her new outfit for WB is smoken tho
  3. Ummm... these are old af already, and very LQ btw... How old are you?
  4. (OMG! I laughed, but this looks cool!!) Umm, let's see... Thank you Joshey for tagging, i just arrived home I'm that glamorous betch-a knew 'cause i don't (? Te hablo en español, me chupa un huevo si no me entendés But some of these hoes don't understand it, so i'll rap in Inglés Truth be told, i suck at rapping, but i do it with glam I don't know what else to say here, so the mic i will pass I would love to see @HeadstrongWolf taking the scene But let's be real right now, bitches: the winner is me I LOVE THIS THREAD! Can i do it again later?
  5. To what point is she gonna continue using botox and shit? Her face looks even worse than Michael Jackson's now, and her smile looks hard af! It's harmful to even watch her!!
  6. I was buying it until i saw the photo with Sam Good one
  7. Mad Love could be one of them. I mean... i don't get it. It's kinda chill but i'm glad it never got finished The one i do wish Britney finished is (for example) Get It. I always thought of it like a Slave 2.0
  8. This is why i lov ya I mean it's not one of my less favourite songs, it's just... i think i listened to it a little too much, that's all
  9. For the first time in a while, i'm SO VERY excited for this! Hope she truly adds new songs, costumes and does better choreographies!! Best of wishes to Britney, her dancers and crew tonight
  10. That's positive? Ooookaaaayyyyy... Personal opinion, K?: I Wanna Go (just got fed up of it). A positive thing about that song? Maybe that it kinda cheers you up if you're down But i think vocally it's not wow! Not one of her best And i know there are worse songs than that but that's the one that comes to my mind rn If you read this, sorry Joshey Don't hate me, i love you
  11. So to start with, you need this song in full, right? What else d'ya need?
  12. You need stems? K. PM me if you want with the list you need and we'll do some research, i'm also looking for stems, especially "Piece of Me" (song) stems to leak, i wanna hear those raw vocals, it's my main aim bout Britney right now. And a third single as well, hope is not lost! And about Anastacia, lemme see what i can do for ya
  13. Do you have to do some yoga or breathing exercises or some shit to just click a fucking button? I hate lazy people. Lift your ass and work bitch! There's no excuses. How'd you face life then if you're lazy? I just wonder... If you don't wanna do it, no one's gonna force ya to do it but ya'll miss it, son! Just an advice, take it or leave it. Stop excusing yourselves, not only saying this to you
  14. I smell new single comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!