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      Due to the upgrade you need to reselect your theme, this upgrade was huge so the old theme files didn't function anymore.
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  1. Why is this not an emote?

  2. Why is this not an emote?

    Awww we know Don't worry, we still love you
  3. Why is this not an emote?

    Omg, i laughed so hard My pop-corn should be ready by now, keep going
  4. Why is this not an emote?

  5. Why is this not an emote?

    Nope. YOU are the
  6. Why is this not an emote?

    Cool. But which program should i use to create them?
  7. Why is this not an emote?

    Well... you know... 's I love and Teach me how to do emotes
  8. Why is this not an emote?

    Don't feed the troll-ah. Ignore incogida.
  9. Make Me... feat. G-Eazy (80's Remix)

    STOP editing my comments, bitch! I mean it, i'll come for ya ass
  10. Change Your Mind translate

    Ai nou dat ior trayin tu bi ediukeired Ai nou dat iu güant tu trit mi gud Bat don bi shentol, shast fak mai delishes pusy Better. You're welcome!
  11. Probably his only decent mix. And i stop co-o-ounti-i-i-ing...
  12. What's a Neemz and why isn't she cleaning up my bathroom? Didn't he say he was not going to mix anymore? Geez, these bipolar bitches...
  13. Make Me... feat. G-Eazy (80's Remix)

    Better than the original version tbh