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  1. You got: Britney Britney I'm a... slave for mall food. And it's my fav album
  2. "The Insider" Yeah, right
  3. Wtf with that nickname tho
  4. Please be joking
  5. I laughed
  6. Sweetie... Some of the FF Tour performances crap on current ones and everyone knows it (excepting lastest Billboard one, that one was iconic tbh)
  7. Umm... This is just A REMIX. I'll repeat it so you can really read: Nothing tops the original. Imo, original version is danceable. I could give three fucks bout them shitty drumkits and stuff. Lyrics are wisely-rhymed and the song is catchy. Period.
  8. Nothing tops the original, sorry
  9. But I don't think I have something like "rare" to trade I don't even know tbh Maybe something like 'missing' but Idk
  10. Oh! I haven't read the section tbh... I thought this was like the ppl you could trust in, like friendships Nevermind But still, you know you can trust me, right?
  11. I feel kinda forgotten by you, even tho I always supported you and your projects...
  12. Tbh, some suck so bad I don't even know when to use them, so I always use the same ones
  13. I wasn't referring to drag anyone. I was saying that because you and HeadStrong know how to do them
  14. You're telling that face Britney does when slo-mo doesn't deserve some flawless epic incredible emotes? @HeadstrongWolf & @Turn Ya Head, betta come up in herre and do some'n rn! Please?
  15. Well, you know, Disney And they did something similar with Zac Efron on HSM 1. Drew Seeley sung most of the songs in the first movie, that's a fact. He admitted it and all So Zac pulled up his inner Britney But then in the second movie, he slayed with those improved vocals