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  1. Emotions is better
  2. Well, she has a life out of the social media, ya know?
  3. I'm so fed up of ya'll making shit up and then blaming Britney for these fake ass rumours. Grow up already! She's just launched Glory, although a dead era by now, but it hasn't been that long. Stop being delusional. Sorry not sorry if i'm rude, but i'm realistic and i don't want ya'll to be hurt when the truth hits ya on the face. That's it.
  4. This is soooooooo wasted tbh. I'm so fucking tired of this fucking rumour every fucking year. Just shut up! Britney is not going to do it. Ever. She's better than that.
  5. I wanna pinch Wendy's cheeks until all the water comes out of her and dies by dehydration. And yes. The audience are brainless robots. And she's even more stupid that those 'stupid' songs. There ya have it.
  6. I didn't understand the picture And idc what ya'll say. I love Myah, she's a personal friend of mine, we always keep in touch via facebook and instagram. She's the closest voice to Britney, deal with it And i also love Brigida Juana
  7. I love him
  8. I kno, ya didn't have to clarify it
  9. My favourite mod is @JoshLee
  10. OH MY GOD!!! I'm sooooo happy and proud of her! I'm still having chills, it's so powerful and her voice really stands out. You can truly feel the power in her voice and the emotion... You go, girl! Now going ahead, not stepping one single step back, Kesha. I love her, always did, since day one!