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  1. RT @loonatheworld: #new 2017. 11. 28 pm12 #이달의소녀 #LOONA #이브 #Yves ▶️https://t.co/mlZNxwym8L

  2. RT @ParisHilton: 11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie! https://t.co/1byOU5Gp8J

  3. RT @dxvxnd: loonatheworld: tweets literally anything the gays: https://t.co/RhDVOA9YM5

  4. RT @britneyspears: Secret project 😜🍎🌺🍎 https://t.co/tMKdlpGfD8

  5. RT @britkneecheetos: me when my mom calls me to check on me if I’ve washed the dishes and defrost the chicken out of the fridge https://t.c…

  6. RT @YG_BLACKPINK: JENNIE says, "BLACKPINK is working on their new album" #BLACKPINK #JENNIE Full Engsub Video: https://t.co/Q8Tg9QnghC

  7. RT @kimlipinjection: "i can take you to another world." https://t.co/OKqi4WkB5u

  8. RT @JOSEDOTJPG: kim lip:h- twitter gays: https://t.co/P1YtjMFjY7

  9. RT @Britsanity: Britney had a mental breakdown and y'all berated her AND her music for it. A man abuses women and y'all say this shit… I'm…

  10. RT @britkneecheetos: I got new jobs, I count 'em. https://t.co/r48kbZcprc

  11. RT @NotThisUS: Singer MELANIE MARTINEZ has just been ARRESTED and fans are protesting by defecating in diapers in #Manure4Melanie campaign…

  12. RT @um_airrr: I can't believe Choerry said this on LOONA TV omg https://t.co/pOzF6iyiHZ

  13. RT @blingspice: me coming out whack as hell after a trip to Party City https://t.co/aBRYj03XCm

  14. RT @codyspearz: I demand to know who made this https://t.co/xK2d4CEfmW