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  1. Happy Birthday Lightspeed!

  2. Is "It's Britney Bitch" her most iconic song starter?

    "*Dun dun dun* Oh baby baby" is, lbr
  3. main page June 26 - Britney Hits The Gym

    Looking amazing and happy Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1102027/Britney-Spears-leaves-gym-figure-hugging-sports-top.html
  4. Care to explain her influence? Just curious Good luck btw!
  5. [Conceptual Video] Body Ache ft. Cheryl Cole

    I'd die if Britney did a video like this for BA
  6. so... BJ is officially dead?

    It has been for a while
  7. But they did 0:12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePVHkXD_XGE
  8. Are cameras allowed for POM?

    They probably say that they're not allowed but don't care when people use them during the show. One of the fan videos I saw had them filming it while Edan was standing right in front of them
  9. I only use the album cover for unreleased album tracks, idk I'm picky like that and want everything to be official I really like that Alien one tho
  10. Britney needs more fans like these

    Where's the one where they're chasing her and screaming "yasssss"
  11. Was Femme Fatale successful?

    She did well because the singles were more radio-friendly which gave them more radio support, fans were more motivated to help make the songs hits and she had massive hype off the back of the Circus era.
  12. If you guys truly want to take Exhale down

    Why would we want drama? That's one of the reasons why we left Exhell for this site
  13. VH1 : A World Without Britney Is No World At All

    Only the Legendary Miss Britney Spears
  14. Oop. The impact. He's also covered BOMT many times: