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  1. Yes! I've only been watching the episodes to see the britney segments. But honestly I'm a little disappointed I wanted to hear all the commentators praise her music videos, songs, and vma performances! However, it does make sense considering they would have to talk about Britney, each year, for like at least 30 minutes if they did that...
  2. Most heartbreaking lyrics from Brit

    "Lets pretend, that I've moved on And I'll tell myself, that life goes on, without you"
  3. What do you think Xtina and Justin thought…..

    Christina was like And Justin was like :britney-agreedlol:
  4. best/worst music videos from britney?

    Shut up! You think slave is the worst???!!! Best: toxic Worst: break the ice
  5. June 15th in Britney's life :)

    08! She looks happy, healthy and she's on vaca In 06 she seemed relly depressed in that dateline interview. I can never watch it cause although she seems hopeful, you could tell things were taking a turn for the worst.
  6. What I Made For My Room (UPDATED)

    I love it! Make me one

  8. When people say Brittany...

  9. tbh

    She probably took a shot or two beforehand. Brits pretty goofy and she seemed a bit loosened up. Lol. Dat body though! Slay me!
  10. imagine this

    Seriously just one true LIVE performance and no one would question her ever again.
  11. main page 44 Things You Will Never See Again - Buzzfeed

    This has got to be Matt Stopera. He loooooves GODNEY and I think he Stan's for Justiney too .
  12. tbh

  13. I'm Not a Justney Fan But...

    Oh for surrrree. I think Britney was really nervous about singing NAGNYAW at the AMAs. When JT cheered for her...OMG!
  14. Britney's Most Underrated Look!!

    I like her makeup, but that green dress does nothing for her.
  15. did anyone else notice this epic thing britney did??

    She wants it