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  1. I like to go back and watch Britneys instagram clips on here but it always freezes up. Does anyone else have that problem?
  2. I was wanting to see Britneys instagram clips from her May 20th show but I can't find it. Does anyone know where that show is?
  3. Who is Ready for Britney to be in Vegas World again?
  4. Will Britney have new costumes?

    I was wandering if anyone knows if Britney will have any new costumes when her Vegas show starts back up in Janurary?
  5. Will Britney have some new costumes for October 19th, 2016 show?
  6. I can't wait until her show starts Fridaynight. I'm also on Vacation next week.
  7. Thanks everyone for letting me know. That 1 pic of Britney holding the Guitar at her house looked really cute.
  8. Has anyone seen Britney play around on an Acoustic Guitar before?
  9. Do ya know when the video will be out?

    1. Britnoy


      Tomorrow is the 3rd and last day of shooting the video and the postproduction probably it will take almost 2 weeks so I suppose late June or early July. :lips1:

    2. RomanRains


      Thanks a lot for letting me know. Have a great day.

  10. When will the video be out for us to watch?
  11. Vote Britney for best perfomance in BBMAS 2016

    I vote for Miss Britney I hope she performs every year. Shes Awesome!!!!!
  12. Her ass is amazing again

    Ya'll are right Britney is soooo pretty. Britney Rocks!!!!!!