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  1. Britney Spears Piece Of Me (Vegas) 8/29/2015

    Also the night before
  2. I tried to download The Onyx Hotel Toronto from that website and it didn't work though
  3. I am sorry but I just kind of do not see the 'evidence'

    Side note: I think that she has stayed away from getting extreme work done to herself. But the recent blepharoplasty eyelid surgery... that was too much IMO. Thats when I started really noticing that she was changing her face too much.
  4. I am sorry but I just kind of do not see the 'evidence'

    If you haven't had a blind fold on and have been staining since Britney arrived on the scene with Baby. You would know that, YES, Britney HAS had plastic surgery. Make-up artists can only do so much...between the speculation, photos, VIDEOS...I think you would have to be in great denial to think she has not had plastic surgery. Britney got a nose job and a boob job after the BOMT tour. She blamed it on falling and hurting her knee rehearsing for her music video. The nose job was seen by many plastic surgeons, as one of the best nose jobs done on a celebrity because it did look very natural. However, the breasts enhancement was over the top and she had them taken out later because her natural breasts were still growing and the public backlash was hurtful to her. Still don't believe me? Youtube "Britney Spears Kids Choice Awards Baby One More Time". Her breasts, seemingly overnight, got HUGE. It would take a real stan to notice the surgeries, the downtime when she had them done in order to put together an accurate timeline for the surgeries, but if you are really curious, this website, while not 100% accurate, it is pretty close: http://education.makemeheal.com/index.php/Spears,_Britney
  5. Britney's most daring/ edgiest single?

    Piece of Me

    LOL that forum / website is flopping so hard
  7. OLD Blind Gossip about Britneys tummy (2006)

    You call yourself a stan? Plz. Britney has had her breasts done multiple times when she was younger, she has had a nose job (maybe another one recently), and her face has been subtly lifted which is why her eye lids are always showing.

    I've wondered this too.... I know she lives a bit farther from Hollywood now, so maybe that has something to do with the lack of photos
  9. Guys, What is this fcukery ?!

  10. ALL recorded/broadcasted concerts

    DWAD live from Tokyo Dome - professionally broadcasted and recorded
  11. ALL recorded/broadcasted concerts

    There was no official BOMT tour broadcasted....There is a lot of pro-footage of Intro/Crazy & BOMT, but not the entire tour. I would die if there was a professional recording of Britney singing Open Arms and the Material Girl/Black Cat/Nasty Boys segment. ....The closest thing to the BOMT tour that was aired was a compressed version of the BOMT tour with a few missing songs, intro, segs, exit/band introduction, costume changes and the BOMT stage set.... Disney Concert Special: and Woodstock
  12. I don't know how many of your have heard this... but many many moons ago, Britney read a mysterious love story that was recorded in an animated, sexy way. I believe it was for her Fantasy perfume in 2004 Anyone have a link to it? EDIT: Found it: