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  1. Jordan has stooped to a new low

    He deleted and all evidence of it because everyone turned against him
  2. Madonna or Daft Punk or ??? Damn you Billboard...

    is that really what unapologetic bitch is supposed to sound like?
  3. What do you consider the most underrated Britney songs?

    Mona Lisa, Phonography, He About To Lose Me, Cinderella, Inside Out, How I Roll, and Showdown
  4. Past layouts

    they're perfect omg
  5. Someone Put Neyde On This Gif

    omg noooo
  6. Why does she always purse her lips now?

    Idk but I do it now too, #BritneysImpact
  7. Universe App

    yaaas. A universe app would be perf
  8. Has anybody else noticed....

    We're here now so it doesn't matter tbh.
  9. Britney's Best Album?

    That era is E V E R Y T H I N G.
  10. "Burn" Is Fake!

    It's real tho...
  11. Britney's Best Album?

    Britney because I really love and connect with that era. Blackout is pretty much tied tho.

  13. Shock Your Mind Concept

    thank you bb. You're flawless
  14. Could Britney rock this look?

    She looks... nice. Very nice. It's not the aesthetic I'd go for but she looks good...
  15. What is your favorite song from the Britney Jean album?

    lmao it's all good, we all have different tastes