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  1. What makes no sense to me

    Britney started recording Oops very soon after BOMT came out
  2. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

    - true - doesn't matter if the design of that is so delicate and expensive when it can't be appreciated cuz the performance is boring and it's dubbed. might as well just remove it. i'd rather britney choose the songs and the creative aspect of the show, but the costumes are clearly not her forte and it shows. those cheap designs are taking away the greatness of the show - haven't you been to the show like 4298723897 times?
  3. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

    at least she's dancing hard
  4. Are you guys aware of the POM costume controversy?

    I'm sure they can get something quicker at Target, she won't know the difference
  5. For some reason i thought i'd see it here. A fan went backstage at POM and saw the costumes being made http://www.britneyspears.com.br/forum/topic/35540-relato-pom-backstage-tour-meet/ Someone translated it so here
  6. i kinda like it even though it's more simple, the other one looked weird
  7. Slumber Party Reggae Remix

    not bad at all, but the vocals are too low
  8. Few questions for those went to see Piece of me

    it's 21 Pilots, didn't think anyone would
  9. Where was this gurl during BJ album sessions?

    who is that?
  10. Piece Of Me 3.0 In March

    - changing the french intro to Portuguese - uses her left hand instead of her right to throw the hat to the audience - more confetti in Everytime - extra skipping in DYWCO - changes "how you doing vegas?!" to "vegas, how you doing?!" - changes the backflip to a squat - replaces Slave pole for that 'seat' from POM 1.0 - uses JTV black dress for Make Me - spray-on abs every night
  11. The BEST Britney-related video EVER!

    better than Womanizer at POM