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Valerie Bitch

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Valerie Bitch last won the day on July 5 2014

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    Flawless Stan
  • Birthday 11/30/1983

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    Queen Britney Spears
  1. Happy Birthday Valerie Bitch!

  2. Britney Store Clothing Plus-Size

    Hi there! It's been a long time I've been on here, I missed you guys I saw the Britney album collex on Britney's store and I was wondering if any of you girls are plus size and ordered on the site. My only Britney clothing is an old Circus tee I bought back in 2009, it's an XL. I would like to order a tee or a tank top. TIA!
  3. Guess What I Got My Hands On Todayyyy :)

    My God I love these fun facts
  4. OMG you made me die of laughter.
  5. Guess What I Got My Hands On Todayyyy :)

    You're one of my favorites here Keep it up!!!
  6. What The Fuck Is This....

    The girl in pink is gonna haunt my dreams.
  7. Guess What I Got My Hands On Todayyyy :)

    Flawless stan !
  8. Britney's Laugh Is So Funny Lol (Video Compilation)

    She's frickin hilarious when she laughs. So communicative!
  9. Totally! I wanted to buy a PJ, but unfortunately, I'm plus sized and they only go up to XL
  10. OH MAN! I hate those references. "It's Britney, bitch", "Oops she did it again!", "Britney's back!" Whatever. We know what's up
  11. It's Britney, Bitch

  12. Omg I Can´t Britney! Toooo Sexy

    In bed with Britney Spears...
  13. Professional Pics From The Intimate Britney Spears Event

    I don't know what she did to her face, her hair or whatevs, but she looks like good ol' Britney. She slays me
  14. Britney Deletes Pictures Of David On Ig.

    You go girl!