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  1. Is Britney The New Joan Rivers?

    The only ones that are really ignorant on this thread are the ones whose in denial.. look how different her nose is on the background of galaxy right now. the one on your left. and compare it here. fans and people alike knows her face so well for so many years now, so to see subtle changes like that would really need a lot of getting used to.
  2. Onyxney Facial Expressioney Slays

    I miss her old natural nose
  3. Rare Outfit Of The Week [6]

    i miss her old youthful nose.
  4. Rare Outfit Of The Week [6]

    i miss her old youthful nose.
  5. New Interview From Oslo

    youtube pls
  6. main page Britney Recording Man Hating Songs

    she looks fucking young and pretty i cant believe it
  7. Omg shes so fucking famous like shes in the same league as michael jackson. goosebumps
  8. What Britney Quote Describes You?

    I choose not to be a bitter person, if Im having a bad day ill get really mad at myself, and tell myself im gonna have a great day. I choose to be a happy person " philosophicalney
  9. her nose looks so thin.. I mean look at the shape of her nose here of course shes bound to look different from teenage years, but the difference of the nose and its tip is so obviously altered by plastic surgery. her natural nose gave her face a youthful look. now she looks so mature because it doesnt look that all natural. not hatin u guys, just bothered. cause I know her face that much. ' I wish she hadn't done anything to her nose tbh
  10. Britney At 18

    Britney was the ultimate teen queen of pop tbh
  11. Pros & Cons Britney Video Comments Got So Bad....

    they were even questioning what happened to her nose.and how she looks weird . and then I read someone replied like " michael jackson happened" plastic surgery backlash u guys
  12. This M&g

    the hair is britneys signature look tbh
  13. Primeney Back? (Looks Wise)

    I know.. shes human like the rest of us.. its just that shes so close to perfection right now.. and I just noticed that that's the one flaw thats keeping her from achieving her Primeney looks. but Im so happy how she looks right now and no I dont want her to get a major plastic surgery.. maybe just some non invasive skin treatments here and there.. Idk.
  14. Primeney Back? (Looks Wise)

    she looks so incredible right now! this looks like she literally just came out of the lucky music video!! her hair, her face, smile, that spark in her eyes all seems to be back!! I thought Ill never see the day. just wow. the one thing though thats betraying her looks is her neck. One has to have a tight and smooth neck cause it can really make someone look old..