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  1. Look what just came in the mail!

    But disc 2 is the POM setlist
  2. I'm depressed

    If this post isn't me then I don't know what is.
  3. Sunset Fantasy

    I already fucking knew this was a goddamn perfume. I'm not complaining though, I just got Circus Fantasy and Believe and I love them. I've been putting some on for the past five days. They smell amazing. I seriously hope I get to try her new perfumes
  4. So for #B10....

    Oh my God I feel like this would slay but it's nearly impossible
  5. Britney is Working With A French Choreographer For Just Dance 2019?!!!

  6. B10 demos?

    Yeah I recongnise fake demos because I listen to lots of flop artists no one knows about so there's that
  7. Taylor Swift’s Reputation album reviews

    Lmao same about leaving without buying anything. It makes me so uncomfortable.
  8. B10 demos?

    Yeah, same advice from me. Usually if they don't say who's the singer of the demo they're gonna be fake as hell. When they say ''Elle Vee - Vapors (Demo for Britney Spears)'' for example, they have a small chance of being legit
  9. B10 demos?

    The second one is Freakshow by Kristine Elezaj. The first one must be fake because that channel usually uploads Lolene songs saying they're by Britney
  10. Too Young To Die

    That YouTube channel is a fake account trying to be Lindsay. That song is a real song by Lindsay Lohan but the featured artist isn't Britney, her name is Lolene and lots of demos by her surface the net labelled as Britney. Here, this is a screenshot of the track in my collection :
  11. Pretty Good Remix of 'Love Me Down'

    Omg this is pretty cool
  12. Submit your Blackout mixes!

    Yeah you seem to be right. Guess I'll leave the Universe section out then.
  13. Submit your Blackout mixes!

    is this really flopping that hard?
  14. Submit your Blackout mixes!

    Hey guys! I don't know if this is the right section to post this kind of topic but FUCK IT I'm one of the queens of this forum and I have the right to do this Well, back to what I was about to say: I'm working on a Blackout set which I will probaly post by the end of the year (hopefully if I pass all my subjects to finish school early). The idea came up thinking, why the fuck is Blackout already 10 years old, her most iconic album and yet we got nothing from Britney's team? What I'm thinking of doing is a nice set containing demos (which I don't need because I already have), unreleased songs (which I also have but in the quality they leaked in), official mixes (which I have as well, or at least most of them), different official edits (kind of like radio edits, I sorta think I have all these), instrumentals (I have all the official ones as far as I'm concerned) and, last but not least, fanmade mixes, remasters and edits! Okay, so what I'm asking for is whatever you made and feel like you need to share! This is a project made by the Britney Army FOR the Britney Army, so if you ever created a remix you're proud of, feel free to post a download link in this thread so I can add it to a certain part of the set! So, many of you might be asking, "how the hell will a project with so many content be done in an organised way without it being messy?" The answer is, I'll try to divide the set into different parts, of course, I'll add artwork to them as well These are the parts I'm planning to make (changes might be made later but just so you get an idea) 1. Main album. I will include the official 15 track Blackout album (excluding that remix of Gimme More) because there would be no point in having a Blackout set without Blackout, right? 2. Demo versions. I will put all the album demos into one disc so that we can get an idea of how was the process of polishing and modifying the songs to get a final project. 3. Unreleased songs. I was planning on using the original leaks for this section, so that no changes are made to what Britney's producers originally had in mind. 4. Remasters. Since not all of the unreleased songs sound GREAT in terms of quality, I thought adding remasters in a separate disc would be appropiate. I don't have any of these, so if you want to submit one (it must be from Blackout sessions, of course) just post here! 5. Remixes. I will be trying to find official remixes (released and unreleased, maybe fanmade) in order to make a full-sounding Blackout remix album. I will NOT be putting edits and things that sound too similar to the original thing, because the whole point of this disc will be giving the tracks a completely renewed atmosphere. 6. Slight edits. Explicit versions, radio edits, and mixes where the beat is just altered a little will be put into this disc. 7. Universe section! This one will have anything you guys made, so that the forum is part of this project and when I post the download link for the full compilation, you can see your name on it! Lol. Send my way whatever you made and are proud of, chances are you'll have it added onto here! Try to be original and submit edits and mixes of songs that don't have many remixes so the album sounds more fresh and less repetitive! Let the PARTY begin!
  15. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

    Well I don't get why some of you think Clumsy is embarrassing, I just kind of think of it as a masochist song "Closer to you, closer to pain, it's better than far away"