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Turn Ya Head

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    The Baby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    It's Argentina, bitch!
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    Pop trash :)

    Basically anything related to pop and EDM. I have a huge obsession with Len Kagamine.
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  1. Same lmao
  2. I wish they sold that in my country lol
  3. I'm jealous of people who don't take baths and still look and smell good. I literally have to take a shower everyday or my long ass hair will get greasy and I'll probably just stink
  4. Of course, I don't guarantee it will be today, or tomorrow, or on Friday... But trust me I think I know lots of mixes so I can help!
  5. Maybe I'm late on this but I'd also love that album tbh The original thread says this user didn't make the mixes so we can find them individually if anyone remembers which ones they were?
  6. me neither but it's Britney religion so...
  7. I'm glad to know you're fine or at least alive
  8. I think it's alright not wanting to fuck anyone the first time you meet them, but society has brainwashed people to the point of making them think there can't be love without sex from the very beggining.
  9. You could probably make a thread every Sunday and throughout the week people send their prayers so on Sunday their prayers and petitions are put on the thread!
  10. Yeah you should so do this!!!
  11. I agree with this whole post. I wasn't a fan during the Blackout era and to be quite honest I wasn't even old enough to have my own taste for music, but I still believe Blackout's influence was huge and since it's the fans' favourite we should AT LEAST get a few new tracks from the era and maybe a nice vinyl or something. I'm so over this.
  12. agreed.
  13. I think her big booty was amazing as well lmao I wish I had that body
  14. I think it's not actually sung by her but it's still a great song and I still pretend it's Britney
  15. It's really close to Blackout's 10th anniversary's date. Is team B gonna do something or just post a LQ picture of the cover art on instagram?