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    It's Argentina, bitch!
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    Basically anything related to pop and EDM. I have a huge obsession with Len Kagamine.
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  1. We're not getting anything I guess
  2. I' M S H O O K
  4. That's too bad! I really hope someday we can find a way to access it, because it would be a waste not to have those precious stems!
  5. thanks for posting!
  6. Also I managed to grab a few thumbnails from there! These are a few available songs to remix:
  7. So, as you guys might know, Brit used to have a Beatnik player, which you could use to create your own remixes using stems, which is pretty cool if you ask me. To begin with, the site is down now. Anyway, I believe there are ways to still use it. I went to the Wayback Machine in which I found a few snapshots from around 2001. However, when I tried to use the player, I got told I need a specific player installed. Of course, as the site is now down, it was hell finding the application to install it. Anyway, I ended up finding it. You can download it here: beatnikplayer.exe The problem is, I have no idea how to use it. I somehow managed to install it on my PC but I can't seem to make it work. I'm trying to use Internet Explorer atm, but nothing's really happening. The pages don't even load tbh. If you guys feel like you can try this out, here's the link to the archived wayback machine site. I hope at least one of you manages to grab the audio to make the mixes!
  8. My favourite shoot in years!
  9. I'm in high school, wym? Also if the machine was that bad I'm glad you quit that place
  10. Omg where can I download this it's my fav remix of DYWCO so far
  11. I'm having second term exams, the term is over in september so we need grades This week we had chemistry (which was hard btw) and next week there's language, biology, history (this one is in pairs and I'm with the clever guy of the class so I guess it'll be fine), civil education and maths. It was a kinda hard week because there was an important project going on, and I was involved in it, so both me and a friend had to go in class time to the library to work on that so we missed a few lessons Also, how bad were the pepsi machines?
  12. I'm fine, hbu? I'm having a ton of exams and this week was really weird but I guess I'm still alive
  13. Itz performances are life.
  14. There's no way to post interesting threads if there isn't anything interesting going on, right? I personally like throwback or appreciation threads, they make me remember things that I had forgotten about (songs, performances, pictures, etc.)
  15. I just don't know how to express how happy I am. I've been following Kesha since Tik Tok and I honestly can't believe how much she's evolved through the years. To think I've been a fan for way longer than I've been a Britney fan is amazing by itself. As a fan, it hurt me too badly to find out about her situation with Luke and I can't hold my happiness knowing she managed to get through it. She's growing as an artist and as a person and I can have nothing but mad respect towards her. She truly is an inspiration.