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Turn Ya Head

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    It's Argentina, Bitch!
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    Dubstep, funny movies, adventure books, dancing, piano, the 90's and editing pictures, videos and music.
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  1. Bye then Maybe I'll buy it when I have a credit card or that's released in physical
  2. if someone else tags you then yeah! If I get tagged I can tag you
  3. https://mega.nz/#F!ElglyIIS!k3fniQmnU0o4MMpk8l5j3A I'm sorry if I uploaded any of my crappy edits there Just ignore whatever isn't official or in English lol
  4. Lmao Where should I start. I was planning to make a weird dubstep edit of TTWE but au-fucking-dacity is not helping. At all So to fill this entry with something else I'll just leave this link here since most of you ignored it https://mega.nz/#F!JlYkTKzR!GKqPCnomapX96wzjOuwwKg
  5. It's also my sister's b-day! She's turning 2 Happy birthday everyone!
  6. Where that download at?
  7. This is why I keep saying Love Me Down should have been a single It could have had a killer choreo tbh
  8. Basically this game is creating a rap (the more cringe the better) and at the end of it tag a member so they have to come and create a rap and then keep the game going that way. If the member doesn't reply within a day, then another member has to rap and tag another person. You can tag the same user as many times as you want! Let me start I get more likes in a day Than you do in a year Femme Fatale second version Is what I want right here You better behave well Whenever I'm near Nicki Minaj who? The queen of rap is me Bitch get outta here If you are tryna drag me I always get to the point No time for trolls, please I'm gonna end like this I'll tag a hoe right now [mention=471]JoshLee[/mention] now come here And start your own rap
  9. I just didn't like Tinsaha I shipped G-Eazy and Britney so bad lmao
  10. .... And? He's still a great artist, not because you don't know him he will be bad
  11. The two only singles we had were well chosen. Imagine if they had gone with Private Show or Hard to Forget Ya
  12. Why not? He's pretty good
  13. He was literally one of the most popular singers in 2010/2011
  14. I like it, maybe you should've darkened a bit Brit's skin since it looks different to the rest of the body