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Turn Ya Head

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    It's Argentina, bitch!
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    Pop trash :)

    Basically anything related to pop and EDM. I have a huge obsession with Len Kagamine.
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  1. He might be outdated but he's still the king of dubstep
  2. Omg thanks! You know a lot about unreleased stuff
  3. Posted by Michelle on youtube. Someone commented it was not Britney and Michelle replied it was from the same era. Possibly a demo for Brit...?
  4. Update : listened back. Obviously fake.
  5. I guess I'll look for the snippets. I don't even remember how they sounded tbh.
  6. Wait, guys, so this means the Like I'm Fallin' snippet might be real? Wasn't the Take Off snippet that leaked around 2012 along with LIF the same as this full song?
  7. Thanks, king
  8. Why not? Bring EDMney back!
  9. I would have believed this if your username wasn't The Insider
  10. Has anyone downloaded it? I need an audio
  11. I love how energetic and professional she is, even at rehearsals.
  12. I hope she does a collab or something this year! Imagine her collabing with Skrillex on a club song!
  13. That's pretty interesting. Maybe because it """"kind of""" flopped? I don't know, because she was able to put it on the boxset along with Everybody so I don't think it might be about rights...
  14. She's looking great in those MG's!
  15. Oh, I get it. All of my sibblings are way younger than me and one of them is two years old. I remember my mother's face looking swollen sometimes and her skin turning to a yellow-ish colour - She kept on saying that it was all really painful. I usually don't pay attention to other singers' looks - in fact I never really watch their music videos and stuff. I don't really think Beyonce's lips are what look bad, but imo she's just pretty and not a woman of outstanding beauty. But then again, it's not really about looks in Beyonce's case - what makes me mad are her delusional fans saying she's perfect and the prettiest woman in the world. I guess that's why she's got such a big ego, she's constantly being fed with it. I'm sorry if I sounded like I was trying to bash her or offend her, in fact I respect her as an artist and I can't really talk about her as a person because I'm not her fan and I don't know her. But I'm so over people talking about her as if she was perfect,because in the end we all have flaws