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    Basically anything related to pop and EDM. I have a huge obsession with Len Kagamine.
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  1. You can't dislike Paris lol. She's a comedy genious. It makes me so bad people take her shit seriously as if she wasn't joking around. There are people who took this literally and I died looking at the comments
  2. Yeah, I never subscribe but I watch similar videos on other channels so their content appears in my reccomendations. They literally have an entire video talking shit about Nicki. Ain't nobody messing with my queen :whatsgood:
  3. seriously, what kind of problem does this channel have with Britney? They even go as far as picking a song which was released in a totally unsuccessful album and not even a single. There are far worse collabs like Pitbull and Paris Hilton yet they decide to pick Brit. I'm done
  4. Spearitual Sunday Service -12/10/17

    Larry confirmed Britney isn't switching labels though http://www.breatheheavy.com/exclusive-no-britney-spears-not-leaving-rca-columbia-records/
  5. Where Are You Now....

    I think FTBOMBH is more relatable and it's catchier. But well, there's lots of opinions
  6. Where Are You Now....

    I don't think it would have been successful. I mean, the 90's were full of that kind of ballad so it might have been forgottable to release it at that time. I believe the singles released from the BOMT album were the best choices (I Will Be There could have been a great choice as well) and those singles practically started her legacy and success so I don't think there's a point in complaining about them. Well, with Glory and Britney Jean the story is completely different
  7. Oh God... Is this real?

    If this is real, I'm dead
  8. I've just realized I'm close to hitting 3.000 posts... :mhm: Not bad

  9. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    I've always loved Britney Jean and Body Ache is my guilty pleasure (I say guilty because everyone hates it) but I think the problem with it is that Britney can do waaaay better. She has such a flawless discography that it makes Britney Jean sound like shit. #Justice4ItShouldBeEasy
  10. What is it with the Oops! album in Spotify?

    Is there any way to rip audio from Spotify?
  11. I'm ready to get dragged so much for this
  12. Hold up I just read everything again. It says something about October 2016... We aren't getting anything. If he has had the songs for this song there's no hoping for anything to leak. And if something DOES leak, it will be a little snippet or a preview this guy sent to someone close to him. Which, then again, is UNLIKELY to happen. I'm not getting my hopes up. Another disappointment to my long ass list.