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  1. Britney Runs Off Stage Last Night At Pom!

    She didn't get back in the orb when I saw her on the 16th. The show also started 7 minutes early.
  2. I went to see Britney twice last week! On the 15th I was in the left pit! It was amazing! I got there at 1:30 in the afternoon and was the fourth person in line and 2nd for the left side. I was able to get the spot I wanted in the corner right up against the stage and the catwalk. ! This was one of the best days of my life! It was so fun waiting in line with other fans. We talked about Britney all day. I got to meet Felicia and we got to see Britney’s dad a few times but he didn’t come over and talk to us! If you are doing general admission for one of her upcoming shows you should know that getting in line early doesn’t guarantee you a good spot in the pit! A group of guys who waited in line for two hours cut everyone but me and the guy in front of me. These people who got in line around three and were third and fourth for the left side didn’t even get front row because they were cut by so many people. After we formed the second line I told security that these people were cutting and I was afraid they were going to try and cut me on the way into the pit. The security guy promised me he wouldn’t let that happen because he was going to walk the whole line down into the pit and not let anyone run or cut. If they tried he said they would be thrown out. Of course when he started walking us down this group of guys ran for it and he didn’t stop them so I ran too and got my spot. I didn’t take many pictures or videos because I wanted to enjoy the show but I thought Britney did great and was very into the show. I could tell she still loves performing. It was so nice to see her smile and she looked like a Barbie. Here is one of my videos I took. It doesn’t have any zoom on so if you have general admission to an upcoming show this is how close you can get! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PHgVYRdma8 On the 16th I was sitting in section 103 row G. It was an amazing seat but I think every seat would be a good one. The theater is so small in person. If you have the chance to go to more than one show I would do the general admission one night because you get to be so close and have a seat the next because it is a much better show when you can see everything. I missed a lot of detail the first night because I was so close and focused only on Britney. You also don’t get the feel of the screens being wrapped around the room when you are in the pit. Britney did great this night too. Her friend that post pictures of her on instagram was the freakshow guy this night and you could tell Britney had a lot of fun having her friend on stage. It was neat because a few minutes before the show Jamie and Bryan walked Lynne to her seat a few rows in front of me. Lynne was wearing a beautiful dress! I waved at Bryan and he waved back at me! The night before Lynne was there with the kids and was dancing with them a little before the show started at a VIP table. It was so much fun to see! Jayden was tearing the place up even with his cast on! He must take after his mom! I thought it was strange because on the second night the show started early. As soon as the countdown hit 7 minutes left the show started. Also at the end of the show instead of getting back in the giant orb she just left the stage. Does this happen a lot? The next day I went to the Britney store again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything I wanted to buy and standing by the counter was Jamie! He was talking to one of the workers and I asked another worker if they thought he would mind taking a picture with me. They went and asked and he said yes! I tried to talk to him a little but I could tell he didn’t really want anyone else in the store to recognize him so he didn’t talk much. He just said he is glad I liked the show and thanked me for coming to Vegas just to see Britney. I had so much fun! I can’t believe some of the pictures I got of Britney!
  3. Jamie Lynn 4th of July Concert

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this because it is more about Britney’s mom and Jamie Lynn. So I live in Oklahoma but I have some family in Iowa and decided to spend the fourth of July with them this year so I could also see Jamie Lynn perform a few towns over. I had already seen her once in January and she has such a beautiful voice that I just had to see her again. My Aunt and I were some of the first people there so we got to sit in the front row. About an hour before the concert Lynne was walking around behind the stage. I threw my hand up high and started waving at her. I think she saw me but didn’t respond because she didn’t want the attention. So then I waved once more but much calmer and just in front of my chest. This time she waved back! That was enough for me but then about 15 minute’s later security came up to me and looked at my shirt. Then they said “You are wanted backstageâ€! Lynne was so sweet that she asked security to come get me and bring me backstage to meet Jamie Lynn! I had already met Jamie Lynn a few months ago so I wasn’t nervous at all and she is just so kind. I saw Lynne again backstage but she was talking to someone from the venue but I mouthed thanks and she said you’re welcome. This just makes me so happy because a lot of people I know always say such terrible things about the Spears family but even the biggest haters have to admit that was a really sweet thing for Lynne to do. Now I’m just nervous that she’ll see me when I visit Kentwood in two weeks and think I’m a stalker! I love knowing that Britney had such a sweet mom growing up.