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  1. Look what just came in the mail!

    Yasss and Fergie's album is good! Some songs such but overall its good
  2. B10 demos?

    TBH I look up the lyrics to these "demos" to find the real songs Still can't find the other one, but I doubt it's a demo
  3. About This Section

    OOO 18! I remember when I was that age It was 4 months ago, but still What are you gonna do? Anything exciting?
  4. About This Section

    Hello! Sorry I've neglected this section for a couple of months recently. College and work have been getting very stressful, hence why I haven't been on here a lot lately. Starting January 1, 2018 I will restart this section and get it going again! If you have any input on how this section should be ran, or any other ideas, please feel free to post a comment or contact me in PM. Also, for those of you who I hadn't made a post about: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - Josh
  5. HannahLou...

    @HannahLou HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!! Hope you have a great day
  6. Britney is working on a secret project

    Love Me Down is coming yall I'm not ready
  7. Taylor Swift’s Reputation album reviews

    I have listened to reputation 5 times now and I must say: I LOVE IT! There are about 2-4 songs where I'm like really? Overall though, I like it and prefer it over that 1989 mess Maybe it's because I can relate to reputation
  8. Post your Halloween outfits!

  9. Post your Halloween outfits!

    I’m late af but here!
  10. New Instagram Post (November 1st - 2nd)


    I was watching Zachary Cambell react to Migos new song Motor Sport because I wanted to see his opinion (I hate rap btw) and I heard a skip after Britney Spears so I googled the lyrics and bitchhhhhh #DeadToMe #IrrelevantMigos #MigosIsOverParty #NeverLikedMigos
  12. Prayer requests for Spearitual Sunday service

    Praying for the original Perfume and Make Me videos to leak
  13. Britney X Cupcakke Mashup