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  1. How To Not Be Rude

    Just join in! Get the juicy drama. Use it against them later on blackmail
  2. Scammer Alert

    I knew people would do that all the time, it seems like a smart, but dick way to get things
  3. it's Valet Girls, bitch

    BIIIIIIIIIIITCH YOU MISSED A LOT! I dropped an (the best) album of 2017 Universe got an upgrade We still rocking out with our cocks out Enjoy your stay
  4. I thought they were bringing people in to star in it? I mean I'm not mad at the commercial just not what I expected
  5. One person, who co-worked with Myah told me about BJ....

  6. New iconic gif from BBMA!

  7. Thoughts On Kylie's New Song??

    IT'S A FUCKING BOP!!! I didn't really know Kylie except for Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Right Here, Right Now But now that I know, I'm pretty excited for music from her and so far I really like this.
  8. Wedding comming soon, babies..

  9. TBH I'm meh about Vegas again. I'm excited for new music Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since Glory so I think it's a little too soon, but I'll be okay! I'm here for it! If the Vegas residency is newer than POM then I'll be glad
  10. @Alicia C @GIMMEmoreBS @MrLucky @niky_doll and @OohLaLa Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. Britney Fragrances Wall Tattoo

    OOOOOOOO I like it!
  12. @killthelights @m.sabeeh3000 and @workbxxch Happy Birthday!!!
  13. first post

    We're gonna be great friends