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      Try our new awards feature!   12/01/2016

      We just released our Awards feature as replacement of the store plugin we used to have on our old software!      
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      Hey all,   we added Google+ logins for your accounts, people can also register with their Google accounts quick and easy!   Also we added member away function. Click Here to see it


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  1. THIS IS SOOOOO TRUE!!! Don't shit on Flawless Fatale!
  2. main page

  3. "Alternative fact"
  4. girl, I'll let you have the nickname if it makes you feel better
  5. Thabks! I just rather have a little sub-area where it's just for B-Days that way it doesn't look like I'm spamming the General Section
  6. lol I actually just made it my New Years resolution for Universe i chose to do it!
  7. @Slayney Spears and my best friend Alyssa's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  8. Didn't watch that mess Don't need to! Got all I need to understand Suing Lifetime right now #LifetimeIsOverParty #LivingForTheDramaThesePastFewWeeks Slay 2017 slay
  9. Fucking mess
  10. Idk but RIP these past few weeks have been a mess
  11. You found the original video film and didnt film it?
  12. The comments about the movie are funny AF Also apparently the girl actor has her account suspended from Twitter now