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  1. @Melindarebellion and @Why Should I Be Sad? Happy Birthday! Also happy birthday to my sister!
  2. you're welcome
  3. In The Zone Britney It was hard because the chocolate portion I had never seen any of those chocolates before so I had no clue and most of those restaurants are not near me because I live in a small city and the least populated state so all we eat is grass and buffalo
  4. I know How rude of the video
  5. How rude!
  6. The MLG Airhorn @ 0:00 LOVE MY DANK MEMES!!!
  7. I don't know what she was like before so I couldn't tell you Not to sound mean, but to me she seems like the stereotypical blonde
  8. Many people have said that in the comment section of this video
  9. @FactoryGirl @maxthefreak & @Ms.Spearson Happy Birthday!!!
  10. Michelle giving us some awesome shit
  11. Why are all the screen caps dark af?
  12. @Shay Mitchell @Minishfrank and @dieofbeaties Happy Birthday
  13. the thing after Oops