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  1. THISSSSS... it also sounded like they were singing underwater
  2. DAMN FANCY KEYBOARD APP It sucks at spelling and wont let me edit it cuz its autocorrect is broken
  4. Love Me Down shoulda been a single
  5. Why are people all about her breakdown? Yes we get it, it happened, but honestly I wouldn't want that to be brought up every 10 seconds She's in her Prime 2.0 lets just let it go Also....Conspiracy, what if in If U Seek Amy, what if Amy is Amy Whinehouse According to this article, they had different breakdowns, but similar backlash and stuff
  6. Its like The Chainsmokers - Closer (feat. Halsey) OVERPLAYED AND GENERIC AFFFFF!!! I like Justin's music don't get me wrong, but it really seems cheap to add someone popular to a song just so they can get money It's obviously a stunt (that worked well), but I'm sick of hearing it on the radio every other song, and sick of people being like: I love how Justin can speak a different language He didn't write the lyrics, he can't even sing them live cuz he doesn't know them Like seriously...
  7. I don't care about sales tbh I only cared that she destroyed Despacito. I'd rather have Mariah Carey (who I don't listen to) have the record than Despacito I know their tied now tho which is sad, but thank God Taylor had a hit to beat them with
  8. I'm kinda slayed
  9. WTF?!??
  10. The English though
  11. I wouldn't call it over till Vegas ends Although the real era ended after Slumber Party, but I'm gonna officially call the end of the era once she does her last show in Vegas because that might be the last time she performs songs from Glory Honestly this is sad, but I think Britney is one of those artists where she doesn't create music for teens/kids now so they don't pay attention to her or buy her music. They think she's "old" because she debuted before their time For example, look at Joanne, Lady Gaga released John Wayne and the era ended and The Cure came out. Older artists (before 2009) are releasing about 2-3 singles from an album and then ending the era Which is sad to see because they're the reasons artists today exist. I hope she's going to release another for her BOMT debut cuz thats gonna slayyyyyyyy
  12. Can she tell him to block Despacito from playing ever.....again? It's getting old...