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  1. PREACHH!!!!
  2. @Fuego and @Lsuboi89 happy birthday!!! Also it's my Girlfriends birthday! So happy birthday to her too!
  3. Looking like your cool You ain't slick sh*t Calling me a hoe When you're going around Talking all this stuff When you're the true clown Now start @MagicalFlare
  4. I used the f*ck you part in IWG as my yearbook quote
  5. @Kyros and @Puzla986 Happy Birthday yall!
  6. All the promo and acceptance from the GP
  7. #JusticeForUpNDown Too bad it was deluxe #JusticeForInsideOut Just release it
  8. Since it's been 6 years that her BEST album was released, let us celebrate by dancing Till the World Ends! What's your favorite song from the New Testament? What's your favorite music video from the era? What song did you want as a single? Let the praise...BEGIN!
  10. What's your least favorite song?
  11. Girllllllllllllll, did you just shit on a song from Flawless Fatale
  12. Mannequin has a nice beat