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  1. @FerreiraSpears @Laszlo @Justputyourlipstogether And @wiloconyx Happy Birthday y'all
  2. @Tymp Happy Birthday!!!
  3. The sub forum is renamed!
  4. I feel like it isn't as restricted and tight as it was back then so there's really no reason to end it but I have no clue cuz I'm not behind the scenes
  5. @Justin Henrie, @Slumber Party And of course the AMAZING @HeadstrongWolf Happy Birthday flawless bitches
  6. @Email My Heart and @IAmBlake Happy Birthday!!
  8. @BritneyJean18 Happy birthday !!
  9. @Mrs Jared Leto happy birthday gurlllll
  10. Yall are so shady
  11. I'm just curious because Lady Gaga released "The Cure" (and it's amazing as F**********CCCCCCKKKKKKK) But it wasn't on Joanne, and even tho I like Joanne (I prefer this sound) But is the Joanne era dead now? Usually when artists release a new single without it being on the previous album, that means the previous era died Is Joanne gonna have a re-release with new songs? I dont know why, but this question has been bugging me all day and I can't find any answers!!!
  12. @kasavas happy birthday!
  13. @pinkyboy98 and @Sgt. Spears Happy Birthday!
  14. @Daily Drama and @TimberQuake ( ) Happy Birthday yall