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  1. They do it all the time Worst voice, worst covers, worst collabs. The only thing she got praise for was in the Top 10 Vids of November 2016 where she got #2
  2. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    I really like it!
  3. What is it with the Oops! album in Spotify?

    Oh I didn't know that
  4. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

  5. What is it with the Oops! album in Spotify?

    I don't have spotify so I have no clue, but I'm sure you can contact spotify to let them know. I thought artists and labels chose what to put up on sites like that so I find it weird that those would replace the originals
  6. My ranking of Britney's 3rd albumBritney

    I know the feelings, every year someone makes a song rating thread and it's hard to rate songs
  7. Now I know that this fan base condemns Britney Jean to the depths of hell, but c'mon lets appreciate these GEMS!
  8. My ranking of Britney's 3rd albumBritney

    IMO: I would put When I Found You at 15, then Anticipating, then That's Where You Take Me, then Let Me Be This is one of her albums though where I have trouble ranking songs because I like all of the songs except for like 3 songs Overall the rest of the list I agree with!
  9. You know I won't drag you for anything praising FF
  10. Would you rather?

  11. Bitch better leak them or let them rot in jail
  12. November 27 B-Days

    Yeah sorry I'm in a different time zone lol And I was at school and work all day so I couldn't get on till I got home at like 10
  13. November 27 B-Days

    @WorkDude & @mernaprimadonna I remembered!!! Happy Birthday yall!