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  1. RT @hollieeblog: In England, you don't say "I'm going now". You slap your knees and say "Right!" which means "I should've left two hours ag…

  2. I find it hilarious how people can’t grasp Gender identity, yet they identify as Children of God and are able to eat Bread flavoured Flesh.

  3. Why don’t I have #280characters yet 😒

  4. Forever Iconic https://t.co/Kv283SnfeC

  5. RT @ashmkhito: lan djsahfjsahjsdssh https://t.co/CuJ9gADJ0X

  6. @troyesivan This is actually really smart. Photos where he acknowledges them are less valuable to sell

  7. RT @BabyAnimalVine: we all do things just a bit differently https://t.co/WLsyW5wLyx

  8. @Independent_ie This is sensible. The amount of medical card patients who go to the doctor for 'a chat' is insane.… https://t.co/KccFe5ARiq

  9. @oranicuhh This kid gonna write a bomb ass book someday #MyLifeAsAMeme

  10. THISSSS https://t.co/zCRkurwy2N

  11. This gives me flashbacks to our school's all white production of Hairspray 🙈🙈🙈 https://t.co/t4Njjdxd5P

  12. @PopCrave @colesprouse The only Male Disney Channel star who’s actually been successful.

  13. Holy Shit this is powerful. https://t.co/PxyqLnx7Qn

  14. RT @EFFLORESCENE: the year is 2027. rihanna &her brand have seized the means of production from corporate america. we have universal health…

  15. If Kylie Jenner is Kim & Kanye's surrogate I'll die of laughter 😂