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B Army
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  1. main page Britney at the Gym w/ her Mother

    Looking good brit
  2. I thought you guys hated TMZ?
  3. Britney has no VMA nominations 2014

    Why is even the point of a nomination when we all know she is not going to attend?
  4. New Theme Ideas??

    We need something dark, I'm using a dark theme atm (the same exhale has) white hurts my eyes, it's so difficult to read. We need something mysterious, yet simple, you can mix my prerogative, stronger, gimme more etc, britney's darkest videos
  5. Is someone making sigs?

    Is he the only person who makes them? there has to be another one
  6. Is someone making sigs?

    Cause doesn't seem like it, this place is empty
  7. People who are not going back to BH/Exhale

    Love reading some sense.
  8. People who are not going back to BH/Exhale

    why are you guys so invested in this? idgi
  9. I know I shouldn't keep you waiting
  10. Holy shiz, this is the reason why jordan decided to change BH? you really do everything for love
  11. Britney Debuts New Perfume!

    britney release one for men please