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  1. Something unconventional would be interesting. Instead of the typical singles and tracks, a tour based on unreleased material or filler songs from each album would be cool. Songs like let me be, brave new girl, dont go knocking on my door, selfish, outta this world, etc. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!
  2. Slumber Party (Nick* Remixes)

  3. I Hope Someone Makes A Glory Fanmade Tour!

    I can't wait to hear it! Check mine out as well if you'd like. Genesis world tour. The thread is around here somewhere. Lol.
  4. Eyes Wide Shut Party - fanmade trailer

  5. SP Artwork in HQ?

    Is there an untagged version? Or just an HQ like this
  6. I'm ready for this! Thank U!
  7. Britney Spears Genesis World Tour Fan Made (Complete) DL Inside

    Thank U! I'm excited that you gave it a chance and I love your support!!
  8. I don't pay attention to music videos at all. I remember back in the day I used to be so excited when they used to premiere on TRL or when Making The Video used to come on. I have seen every Nsync, BSB, and Britney video to date. Now a days I'm perfectly content listening to an artist's song without a visual video. My bf calls me an old soul. Lol.
  9. I love #Clumsy

    It took awhile for Clumsy to grow on me. When I'm listening to music on my phone and when it randomly comes on, I'll bop to it. Other than that I won't directly listen to it. It's fun but not a stand out track like say, BTI is for BO for example. I personally love MR and LMD. These are my two Glory tracks I stan for. As well as Liar
  10. Slumber Party live at POM for the first time!

    I think the choreography fits well. I love it. To be honest I don't pay much attention to Britney. I usually watch the dancers execute their moves the way its supposed to be performed aside from Britney mainly sexing it up. I really do appreciate her dancers. They bring the show to life just as much as she does if not more.
  11. Britney Spears Genesis World Tour Fan Made (Complete) DL Inside

    Not avaiIable right now. Sorry. I will work on that next. I'll try and have it up by next week.
  12. Britney Spears Genesis World Tour Fan Made (Complete) DL Inside

    If all goes well I'll be planning my next project soon! Thanks again to anyone who checks this out!
  13. This "new" Slumber Panty version with TINASH!T is.....

    I love Tinashe. However the remix is nothing special and could have done without her to be honest. I wish she could have been more involved and that the original beat would have been slightly different. It is a remix after all. It would have been amazing if they went back and forth in between verses more and made it a real collaboration. Not just a let's add Tinashe here on this part and call it a day. I'll pass on this one. I prefer the original.
  14. Britney Spears Genesis World Tour Fan Made (Complete) DL Inside

    Will do. Thanx for the support!!