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  1. Seems they've released more, I was able to purchase one.
  2. Myah sang Stronger vocals for this bitch!!!

    Myah Marie sang the video's versions of "Material Girl" and "Stronger". She's credited as a vocalist in the description.
  3. iPhone 7 Plus order questions to those who have it..

    A friend of mine recently ordered one (a week and half ago) and it's not scheduled to be shipped until the end of December. Black and Jet Black I know are back-ordered until the new year. I think it depends on who you ordered it thru along with the storage and color.
  4. What the remixes do you want to have on "B in the mix: vol.3"?

    I really wish they would release a performance remix album. Simon Ellis is clearly willing to let them release his mixes, I'd also want the Slave 4 U remix from all of the early ITZ promotional performances, and the Onyx Hotel mix of Baby One More Time.
  5. is there any live stream for the iHeart festival?

    Am I the only one who received an email about the live stream?
  6. I have the m4a without the intro that was sent to radio as well.
  7. http://www.filezizzle.com/files/1883/qgqAdEnqsmnCehmmAlaul
  8. Do you need the solo version of MM? http://www.filezizzle.com/files/1883/qgqAdEnqsmnCehmmAlaul
  9. main page Download The Simon Ellis Remixes Now!

    Seems he's disappointed with the WB remix plays. Wonder if he would release a Circus or Femme Fatale tour remix if we got it to 20k?
  10. Fifth Harmony Should Do A Song About Britney

    I enjoy their song "Brave Honest Beautiful" the second verse always makes me think of Britney!
  11. Britney's Official Soundcloud

    This is random, but did anyone else notice all the audio from Britney's Soundcloud page was removed?
  12. Britney.com Vs. Britneyspears.com

    This is kind of a dumb question, but what is the difference between Britney.com and BritneySpears.com? Does the label run both? I remember during the Circus era someone named Britannica did the posting on Britney.com
  13. Pretty Girls Remix (Hmm..)

    Maybe there is an alternate mix. Could be why they haven't put the song on SoundCloud yet. Kinda like how they uploaded a different edit of "I Wanna Go"
  14. main page Multiple New Britney Tweets! Pom Show Cancelation / Pretty Girls!

    Wonder why she changed her FB and Twitter pictures back to WB and POM?
  15. Fantasy Twist Sizzle Reel

    Nothing new, but like the Intimate Britney sizzle reel it shows the marketing technique used.