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  1. Happy Birthday javi_spears!

  2. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    What I need is SHY subunit debut right now pls
  3. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    I´m curious if they will release a japanesse album this year, considering they released CMIYC and they have a tour in japan!!!!!! WHO KNOWS RIGHT BTW which performance is your avatar from???
  4. Would You Like Britney To Do A Residency In Uk?

    What I want is an album and a tour, just like ANY other artist does Or at least an album pls
  5. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    Staying FLAWLESS universe SONES YOU THINK IS MA JAM It´s been such an amazing comeback
  6. Mixed Feelings With Pom Dvd

    I think they will realease it in 2 years I´m afraid
  7. Omg, She Was So On Point Here

    Like... it´s nice, but I think this segment was better on the beggining, specially BTI and POM.... she cut great parts of the choreo
  8. Mixed Feelings With Pom Dvd

    Like, I´m soooo looking forward to it, but I´m curious of which dates they will pick Remember when she was promoting her lingerie? She had short hair and a really slim body and the dances ROCKED But now with her long blue/purpleish dyed her, she has a DAMN HOT BOD, and she is also rocking But I also love when she was Rocking Brunetteney and red hair aswell.... LIKE YOU GUYS DON´T GET IT, THE DRAMA IS REAL, I LIKE NEED A DVD FROM EACH DATE OR SOMTH Soooo which has been your favourite pom "dates/leg" till now?
  9. New Billboard Article About Britney Slots!

    Your sig tho
  10. Is This A New Photoshoot Picture?

    I can´t see it
  11. Is Work Bitch Iconic ?

    I hear it in the gym a lot does that count? But rlly I think the video and choreo are sick, and she looks stunning in it Song is also inda iconic, the "you betta work bitch!" has grown on all of us
  12. It probably is, Britney doesn´t buy new clothes everyday, she uses the ones she has often, and tbh I don´t have a problem with that, I don´t think she needs to "waste" money on new clothes each time she is doing something
  13. Pom Costumes Slay Over Marco Marcos Fashion Show

    So this is "High fashion"
  14. Primeney 2.0 Coming