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  1. RT @DailySpears: Aw, thank you so much sweetie! 😃💝 https://t.co/3DOLQXz2VV

  2. RT @TheBritneyArmy: 🚨LAST CHANCE🚨 Enter to win a trip to #LasVegas and meet @britneyspears now!! ➡️ https://t.co/xeXCrj8oIH https://t.co/qS…

  3. So Google Indexed Some Upcoming Events To Britney Spears?!!!

    I Know How You Feel. I Felt The Same Thing When I First Saw A YouTube Video Of It. And I Checked It Out My Self & Saw That The Dates Were There Under "Britney Spears Events". But Like laracroftonline Pointed Out, When You Click On Them It's Basketball Games & Some Of Them Are Warren G And Dj Quik Concerts. I Was So Disappoint After Seeing That It Must Be A Mistake By Google. Anyways, Hopefully, We Get Tour Dates Or Something In 2018.
  4. (I Want To Thank laracroftonline For Pointing This Out To Me Because At First, I Thought These Were Tour Dates) *EDIT:* The Events Indexed By Google Are Of Basketball Games & Of Warren G and Dj Quik So Google Must Of Made A Mistake Or She's Performing At Basketball Games And With Warren G And Dj Quik But I Highly Doubt It lol Anyways, What Do You Guys Think Britney's Plans Are After #PieceOfMe Ends On New Year Eve? Let Me Know Down Below & I Hope Everyone Has An Amazing Day!!!
  5. RT @BJSpearsWebSite: This show is SO AMAZING!!! My Trip to Vegas & seeing @britneyspears Live was a highlight of my year & my life! 2017 ha…

  6. RT @britneyspears: 👠 https://t.co/h0XVqESSPI

  7. New Instagram Post (December 4th)

  8. New Instagram Post (December 2nd) #HappyBirthdayBritneySpears

    Here's A Slowed Down Version Of Her Singing
  9. New Instagram Post (December 2nd) #HappyBirthdayBritneySpears

    Another New Post
  10. Here's A Slowed Down Version Of Her Singing