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  1. RT @fiebrebritney_: Britney and Felicia! #LadVegasStrong https://t.co/FBCUusvbxX

  2. I Know lol ?She Just Changed It Today To Support #SpritDay Today? (The Red Color In The Header Is Now Purple & Now #SpiritDay Is On The Header & Profile Pic) ?I Just Think This Is Amazing Of Her To Do This?
  3. ?Britney Changed Her Twitter & Facebook Profile Picture & Header!!! In Support Of #SpiritDay? ?#SpiritDay Tweet On Twitter?
  4. RT @fiebrebritney_: Relevance 🎈 https://t.co/jiYqmrYM2e

  5. Both Videos Were Created & Uploaded By Love Britney Spears Short Version Long Version (Full-Length Songs)
  6. Video Was Created & Uploaded By Speed S
  7. Video Was Created & Uploaded By Piece Of Me Tour Planet Hollywood
  8. RT @BritneysLegion: #BritneyBlackout10th https://t.co/InAHJkrse6

  9. ?She Changed It In Support Of Las Vegas? Here's The New Profile Picture She Also Changed Her Header To Promote The Final #PieceOfMe Show Dates Facebook Profile Header Anyway, I Hope You All Have An Awesome Day!!!!