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  1. New Instagram Post (Oct.20th)

    Its me or the last one look like BOMT uniform a little ?
  2. My question is what Britney need to do for a good comeback in charts and everything.. how can she make the gp interested in her again and take back what she had ? It's just speculation.. because we don't know if she wants to be "the Britney " she used to be and I understand that. I just want to know what is the perfect plan for you ...
  3. She's so hot.!!
  4. It's me or her lips look better ? She look like she used to but more like a sexy milf now ..
  5. 3 Things I Wish For Britney To Do

    A rock album for britney ? No thanks
  6. Ajoutez-moi sur Snapchat ! Nom d'utilisateur : kvthe57 https://t.co/VLkXB0bLOT

  7. Well 3 months after the single release it's a good news I guess ...
  8. Britney ever after

    It was so trashy ! I watched it on periscope this morning .. I have no word they made her act so stupid and created an another story of her !! But who cares , she's making money at vegas right now and she's happy !
  9. Tell me if I'm a flop fan !

    Thank u
  10. Tell me if I'm a flop fan !

    That's why I finished with " I want her to be happy " But thank you for answering me I definitely agree with you!!
  11. Tell me if I'm a flop fan !

    I used to listen to Britney like every day ! Her song was the best for me, her choreography ( even on the femme fatale tour ). And I'm a this point where I'm all grown up and her songs have no meaning to me... I will always love and defend Britney ( she's an inspiration to me forever and always), but musically I'm not a big fan anymore ( I stil love it but not like I used to) ... And I'm Sad about it ! I feel like she never evolve and she still try to be the same person that she was and do the same thing all over again (teen pop) !! I want a maturney album , I want the " Weeken'd" influence that she promise ... Well in fact I want her to be happy and I wish her all the best !! ( And even if I said all of that I'll buy every album release ) Sorry I needed to speak about this ..
  12. I used to love it ( I think I still do) but glory bothers me right now. Except maybe MM, SB , I can't listent other song on it. I think it's because since august I listen to it all the time.
  13. Teamviewer 12 Crack https://t.co/S9I4odMAVq

  14. @New_Ines on est grave partit se promener ! ( 1 an plus tard ) 😂😂😂