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  1. To those submitting questions : Please please do not ask questions about Pokemon Go

    Made my day tho
  3. American Dream just got another update.

    I don't like how they change the icon so frequently And the fragrances supposedly can boost your sales and stuff if you "buy" them in the game . I bought Private Show for 5 BGems
  4. Make Me Conspiracy Theories

    This theory TOTALLY makes sense to me BUT I'm not having my hopes up
  5. Does she follow you??

    She followed me back in 2012 She also added me to her circles on Google+ in 2011 ( I don't know if anybody has ever used that thing )

    I'm speechless I'm slayed THAT SPOKEN PART I'M GOING TO DIE IN 22 DAYS AFTER LISTENING TO GLORY I can't take this much slayage
  7. Strange American Dream glitch - Anne keeps calling me.

    same I used to have 3-4 quests to be done at once , but now I barely have 1 because of this
  8. Strange American Dream glitch - Anne keeps calling me.

    I have the same problem & I'm sick of it At least you're still in level 17 ! I'm stuck in lvl 18 , I've finished it , I'm supposed to go to the next level , but nothing happens . I've been stuck for ages & seems like I have to wait till the next update so lvl 19 will be added to the game
  9. i feel horrible writing this

    I'm doing it anymore , instead I'm gonna spend my money on more useful people
  10. i feel horrible writing this

    Exactly ! We've been dating for ages , I've gifted him so many stuff , but every time we go on a date he's like "it's good to know each other better" or "I'm usually nervous at the beginning of a relationship bla bla bla "
  11. i feel horrible writing this

    Same here !
  12. Britney posts private show IG preview..

  13. i feel horrible writing this

    Well , whatever the reason is my singles are still flopping I barely get a top 15-20 single & I haven't even entered the global charts
  14. i feel horrible writing this

    I haven't played the Kardashian games but I've gotten bored with Britney's game too It's just almost the same thing that happens over & over . You record a single , you perform in some places , you may record a mv , and you do one or two photoshoots , and again record a new single . Even the Xtina look alike rarely shows up now . It would've been more fun if there were more options in conversations and they would've been more realistic - seriously my single is flopping hard yet everybody's like "this is your best single yet!" "Look at your sales" and I'm just like
  15. I like the new outfit ! It's hot But I just think maybe it would fit in the neon section better ?!