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  1. Let's discuss

    buzzfeed has a point haha
  2. Sam Lutfi

    I love how they portray Sam in the movie. As a controlling asshole. They got one thing right!!

    Security check is fine! Thank you guys!

    Just bought myself tickets right now for Saturday's show and I literally fly in that day and take the reeye out but on that note I won't be staying anywhere. So what kind of bag can I bring in to the venue? Does it have to be clear or can I be a pullstring bag?
  5. Glory Vinyl preorder

    Forgive me if this has already been said many times but my glory vinyl skips a lot. Like a lot. It's the pre ordered one. Does anyone know if it's a massive problem or just mine and if it is a problem how do I return it? Just at her store?
  6. Is Britney doing the AMA's?

    Remember beyonce at the VMA's? Could be a surprise
  7. Is Britney doing the AMA's?

    The wikipedia page for the AMA's say she is performing and people seem to think she is but I haven't seen anything from her saying that she is. Is she?
  8. Chrissy Tiegen

    Guys Chrissy tiegen and john legend sing lucky and oops on her snapchat!! And they know all the words!! I LOVE HER!!
  9. Yeah Lucky was like 5 months after Oops. Just wait people .
  10. iTunes was created in response to heavy piracy. Its been noted with saving the music industry by most major record labels. Know your history.
  11. Apple Music = Piece of Me

    Its assumed that the Apple Music Festival performance will be the same as Piece of me. I don't know why that would be a bad thing!! That means well finally get a professional filming job done of the show!!!! Im excited for that!!
  12. main page Britney Spears is performing at this years 2016 #VMAs!!!!

  13. How many songs are there in your Britney collection??

    Like all of them. Even all of the unreleased that I can find. Even all your versions. Seriously it's like 2 gigabytes on my phone
  14. Best Video There is of Original

    This is kinda a mix of the old and new but in my opinion the best one so far. Give it a watch
  15. It could be for something else too. Like others have said it could be an Apple Music thing or just a commercial for her album. Or even the VMA's