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  1. Why they renamed "Britney Spears" to "...Baby One More Time"?

    "Britney Jean Spears" (2030)
  2. This creep and the other creep who was seen licking her poster in some crazy fan documentary... EW! THE FREAK?! lol
  3. BILLBOARD Articles ( 3 in 24hrs )

    only 3 articles. We need at least 10 each day tbh lol
  4. Make Me Radio Update (Worrying!)

    Whatever the update is, the song is still a bop. Best single in years tbh.
  5. He's talking over Britney!

  6. 2 minutes of Make Me mv in HD

    I thought that was you lol
  7. Boost Make Me!! First 10 ppl to PM me...

    I wish I could help but I can't remember my US itunes id and forget how to make one :S
  8. It's Smashing!! #1 on U.S iTunes!!!

    Ikr? I have nothing against Katy but that song is not good! I wish I had a US iTunes acct! I wanna help!!!
  9. It's Smashing!! #1 on U.S iTunes!!!

    omgosh you're a flawless stan! YAASSS!
  10. Make Me is out. Here comes our mission

    how can international fans help? :/
  11. Nah I don't. After a few listens, I feel that it fits the whole song. The whole song has this very bluesy old-school vibe that I love! The style reminds me of James Brown!
  12. Don't be FLOP Team-B and upload one "Make Me (Ooh)" teaser on VEVO!

    Not all of us have seen the leaked videos. Also they're not of good quality Having said that, I don't think they'll be teasers.
  13. My Meet & Greet Experience 06.24.16

    Omgosh I'm so happy for you! Glad you and Nicole had a REAAAALLLY wonderful time!
  14. I'd wear it even though I'm a guy tbh. I don't think it matters what gender you are (at least to me).