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  1. lmao full story here: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/paris-hilton-lindsay-lohan-crashed-my-night-with-britney-spears/
  2. They’re not lmao. I love to hate read Radar Online. An FYI for anyone who doesn’t know: Radar is owned by the National Enquirer.
  3. Where Are You Now....

    Nope, none. I wish.
  4. Where Are You Now....

    I just looked up the top ballads (and top hits) in 1999 and 2000 ... I'm inclined to agree with @Turn Ya Head, I don't think it would've been very successful. I love the song, but it is fairly generic and she would've been competing (ballad-wise) against Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Cher. This was also the time period where bubbly pop was coming back in style so her label's choice for singles was spot-on. Also, FTBOMBH is one of my favorites, so don't you go crapping on it!
  5. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    I love Body Ache, too! And I agree with you, it’s not a BAD album - it’s pretty basic pop overall, which isn’t acceptable for a pop superstar of her stature.
  6. Ok so it came - FINALLY!!!! Looks pretty slick.
  7. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    About the only collab I would be mildly interested in is one with Selena Gomez because I think their voices would play well off of each other. That being said, ew to Justin Bieber and please no more collabs in general.
  8. We need these tracks! I’m dying to hear them tbh. If they’re anything in the vein of the bonus tracks (which were all better than the regular record tracks) I’m here for it.
  9. I’m glad HIR is getting its justice. That song slays tbh.
  10. Britney's New Perfume "Sunset Fantasy" Is Now Available In Some Countries

    So this was real? I honestly thought that was a fan’s poorly shopped photo floating around ?
  11. Still haven't received my vinyl and get this - IT JUST SHIPPED TODAY - TO URBAN OUTFITTERS, NOT ME. Supposedly, anyway. I'm really wondering if I'm ever going to receive this thing.
  12. TIL: There’s a gritting machine in Britain named after Britney

    Ah ok. We just call them salt trucks here haha. They chose the names for the new trucks - I recall one is David Plowie. And other was really long and I forget what it was.
  13. Doncaster put out a call in Twitter for names for their two new gritter machines and also shared what the rest are called. One name put forth was Gritney Houston and I’m kind of mad they didn’t chose it. -_- Also I don’t live in Britain so even though I’m typing this as if I understand what gritters are or what they do - I don’t. I just wanted to share a Britney Spears moment.
  14. So for #B10....

    lol you can refuse to believe it, but I feel like her actions speak to it. She seems to be enjoying her more low-key life. And I know Madonna's still going, good for her - but Britney isn't Madonna and maybe she doesn't want to be. For all we know if the conservatorship ended today, she might full-on retire and just raise her kids and be with her boyfriend. Obviously all of this is speculation on both of our parts, but I swear I've read interviews or pieces on how she doesn't want to go full-on anymore. If I can find them (I'm at work currently, just taking a break), I'll add them in a bit later.
  15. So for #B10....

    Exactly. I’ve long started to believe this is how she wants to be: make music, be with her boys, generally take it easier/slower. I don’t think we’re ever going to see a massive ITZ-style renaissance from her again. And that’s cool with me because, as you mentioned, we got amazing albums and a stellar career from her for years longer than most artists last!