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  1. Why Is The Circus Tour So Underrated?

    brinni looked hella fierce for circus her armography was flawless all eye on brinty in the cenner offa reeng jus like a serkus
  2. Does B9 Have A Chance Now?

  3. main page It's Britney Witch!

    lol Team Brit a few months down the road: MERRY BRITMAS Are you ready for Christmas? BRITNEY IS! Celebrate in real B-Army style (this is partially unironic tbh) with this LIMITED EDITION "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS ARE VOCALS" TEE
  4. Britney Has The Hottest Back In The Bussines

    honestly she's been pretty athletic for quite a while now and the consistency lately is seriously paying off
  5. To The Blackout Haters

    tbh tho, it's like seeing an albino peacock or one of those pink dolphins
  6. Pom - And You Guys Said There Wouldn't Be Changes

  7. When Sp & Jj Are Like, 20 Years Old....

    Jayden would be all up on that. SP would probably be hiding somewhere complaining that there's too many people. Britney would probably never host a show tbh
  8. main page New Unseen Picture Of Britney Spears!

    i took this picture
  9. you're joking and with the competition she has a conceivable chance of snatchin Best Duo especially since the voters already like and have given Grammys to Igloo the mess of it all
  10. The Cir Cus Swing

    :lolohgawd: :lolohgawd: i can't believe i'm fondly nostalgic of something from the FFT, but even its DLMBTLTK swing shits on this one
  11. main page Britney At The Gym Today 10/9

    cameltoeney it's been so long
  12. I Want Britney To Cover This!

    Nick Cave <3
  13. Circus On Good Morning America Is Everything

    that body. like jesus christ
  14. Happy Birthday ValetGirls!

  15. i don't think it's feasible on Brit's side. They cancelled the Perfume mv because it was a bit too risque and now you want her to star in a show where SPOILER ALERT people get raped by drill bit dildos?