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  1. Her dancing now compared to FF is sooo much better though and FF was one of her most successful albums... so idk where this is coming from. The TRUTH is that Britney isn't going to make a big impact because she doesn't want to. She is just doing enough to make her fans happy because she doesn't want to be the "IT" girl anymore.
  2. Guys I came to a realization today. Britney Spears has been rewarding us so much lately as fans is because she is saying her goodbyes to us. Listen Britney went to Las Vegas to retire we all knew it we all saw it coming and I think she's just done. She's gave us some albums and like she hasn't a really promoted them so I mean it's like she doesn't want to be popular anymore. But glory was for us, it was everything we wanted. She didn't like the paparazzi. She just wants to live her life and probably stop making music because she can't even sing like her songs live, she sings cover songs and yeah she can sing but like it's just not her. Yeah she loves to perform she loves to sing and dance she says that and like yeah it's a great gig but she's so rich she doesn't need to do anything else. She sells so many fucking perfumes. Fucking lingerie line. Like, She can do whatever the fuck she wants she's rich as fuck she's want she's a very powerful woman she's had a lot of influence she's been very iconic she's gotten a lot of awards for being the legend that she is but I think she's just about ready to hang it up. That's all.
  3. Iconic. Needs to happen. Case closed. Bring out the dancing lobsters.
  4. She loves rock n roll. Wouldn't mind her doing some experimenting with the guitars ?
  5. Hard to choose. She slated You Oughta Know, but Something to Talk about... so unexpected. She had that whole audience on their feet having meltdowns.
  6. I am fucking crying that was the most beautiful thing I've heard in my life
  7. I was there, no one booed Britney. We were booing the asshole. We also chanted "asshole" lol. Then we chanted "britney" until she came back out and she performed TTWE and we all left.
  8. Update: my plane got cancelled in Cleveland, of course... BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HAVE ANOTHER PILOT! So that put us 4 hours behind schedule... the show started at 9 and we landed at 7:15. We finally got off the plane and to our rental around 8 and i got dropped off at planet Hollywood around 8:15. My mom, her fiancé, and my brother went to check in to the hotel. So so after I got through everything I was like 5 or 6 people deep in the pit... I was so pissed. I wanted to be front row so badly but of course planet Hollywood wouldn't let us change our date to Friday considering southwest fucked us over. So I enjoyed my first Britney concert, she was so amazing. The energy, her beauty is unbelievable. She is sooo sexy in person and her expressions are everything. Regardless of if everything that happened, the rest of my family got to see like 5 songs at the end when they finally made it...I wish things could have went better but I'm glad that I got to have the experience to finally see Britney in person. Oh, and I got to see the crazy man run on stage lol. It was all over the news & all my friends thought it was going to be me
  9. This cannot be true... please god no
  10. Thank you that is very helpful! Do you have any tips on how to get through security quickly?
  11. Ok so first of all, hi I'm Tim, and I'm from Ohio. I have never seen Britney in concert and have been asking my parents for years to get me to Vegas to see this show. So finally, I did something worth treating and graduated college, so my mom is taking my to Vegas as a gift! I'm going to the August 9th show and I got front GA standing left, and I want to be front row. So like... what time do I need to get there? Where do I go? Any other helpful tips would be so great! Thanks
  12. I think it's the bigger audiences... she really feeds off energy from the crowd and the small Vegas venue is probably getting old for her.