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  1. Let us not forget Katy is a fucking bitch whore and can rot in hell https://www.google.com/amp/www.vanityfair.com/style/2017/02/katy-perry-shades-britney-spears-grammys-red-carpet/amp
  2. Easy. just like me hard to forget ya what you need
  3. I think they preselect all of them... usually the most famous dude in the house that night I would guess lol. I am going to the show in August and it would be a dream come true if I got picked for that!!
  4. Skrillex is outdated. There are plenty of newer DJ's that she would sound great with.
  5. Ew no skrillex please
  6. They're trying to end her career sis. She doesn't want to do it anymore.
  7. Same.. guys. Britney is done. She is happy being the icon that she is. She doesn't care to have #1's anymore because it takes too much work. She doesn't want to work that hard, she wants to spend time with her kids. Sad truth but this fan base is in denial that this point.
  8. Fuck Wendy.
  9. Oh maybe other ones have time for jobs because they're not Pre-Med and taking 21 credit hours? Wtf is an athlete degree? I'm going to be a doctor so you can shove your dumbass remark up your ass
  10. That song was catchier than anything Britney has put out since femme fatale.
  11. Laziness?! Being a student athlete is a FULL TIME JOB TO HELP PAY FOR SCHOOL! I am taking 21 credit hours and get up at 7:30 for class every day, and have class until 2 o'clock. Usually read or do homework and try to eat lunch until I have practice at 4 o'clock and weight training that usually lasts anywhere until 6-7PM. Then I have to shower, cook food, and by then it's 8:00 or 8:30. Then I'll maybe relax or do more homework. Then, every weekend I have track meets that are usually 2 day meets and then you have to add in hours upon hours of travel. Oh and then I have to find time to do GRE test prep for graduate school that I'm taking in June. Don't call me lazy when I guarantee I stay busier than you. BYE
  12. Student athlete... I have 0 time for a job lol
  13. Well I had to get to LA somehow... sometimes you just have to scheme. Nothing wrong with it, a $500 plane ticket is like nothing to rich people but that's SO much for me.