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Robert Morales

B Army
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    Riding a dark horse
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    Britney - Katy - Pll - etc

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  1. Britney is looking great lately

    Yeeeeees, her old mouth is coming back
  2. Question I never got over (BBMA related)

    I'll be waiting for it
  3. Question I never got over (BBMA related)

    How ya doing babe I just wanted her to perform POM or GM
  4. Question I never got over (BBMA related)

    It could have replaced TOMH
  5. Amazing Make Me News!

  6. Make me at...

    No. 17 without promo slay queen
  7. #b9 Some (Missleading) Info We Have

    I want a blackout zone
  8. #b9 Some (Missleading) Info We Have

    I just want an ITZ 2.0 :crying1:
  9. Should Britney's Team Create A Publicity Stunt For B9?

    Lmaooo laughed so hard with this thread Robert? he's a little mmm fat... corrected
  10. I'mNotaGirlnotYetaWoman.mp3
  11. Things To Do While We Wait For B9

    Loves it
  12. My New Boyfriend Is A Promising Stan :)

    Congrats sis I'm so happy for ya