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  1. @stevieboebi Devermut but they are from Spain 😬 @devermut

  2. @SuperLozano @SSNMexico Deben ser arriba de 6 para que se active la alarma.. si no estaríamos saliendo cada 10 minu… https://t.co/QeUCug2ZUi

  3. @VICTORROD68 @SSNMexico @JavierLopezDiaz Cuánta ignorancia

  4. @virgomartinez I read them with your voice 🙊

  5. June 27th B-days

    Awww! Thank you so much!!
  6. @allyhills Where do you buy your caps?

  7. @findingfletcher @wmag loved it!

  8. @allyhills Cover a song with with your friends as a girl band, you have .. Anna Crane, kaeleigh, Daisey, Miles, Danny, Yourself!

  9. @imthereseaquino @allyhills Same!!! Haha

  10. @allyhills Next to that finger IS where our engagement ring IS gonna be..

  11. @allyhills do you have any vacation planed??

  12. That is totally normal in Mexico tho.. https://t.co/YCxvw6xlLV

  13. @nowthisisliving as "la Catrina" this a good one! As Frida Kahlo

  14. RT @cammiescott: But can we all take a moment to appreciate how incredible @allyhills reenactment of "I put a spell on you" was in her new…

  15. RT @allyhills: @SassiBoB welp. https://t.co/9dhV681vY0