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  1. FULL DYWCO Performance from POM 8/17! AP???

    I am instantly obsessed with this song and performance.
  2. Haters can eat her ass.
  3. 3 times...it's a grower for me and she looks perfect.
  4. Best performance since 2004. This can only mean things will go up from here!
  5. Already Twerking To "make Me (Oooh)"

    Haha pu$$y sweating. I can't stop laughing.
  6. Breathe On Me Fanmade Music Video 2016 Version

    The curtain closes and jaws still dropped. That was simply amazing!!
  7. OMG Yes!!! I have honestly never seen Glenn's work look good on Brit. He doesn't know how to accentuate her features. He instead makes her look bad. I would actually at this point prefer her to go with zero makeup and look like herself.
  8. Rate Pom Revamped Show

    9 Because Britney finally shines in the show and owns it. This show IS about Britney and not the stage and props, costumes etc. Confidence is key for me.
  9. I don't buy into that article and how they made her come across at 15 years old.
  10. Oh My Gosh... What If?!?...

    Her makeup in the video looks better than what he does. Oops, I said it. She looks young and he makes her look older.
  11. Buzzfeed: People Try Iconic Music Video Dances

    "I feel like 2007 Britney"...Dead!!
  12. main page What An Interesting Fellow!

    She looks so hot right now
  13. Set my body ablaze, I caught on fire after seeing all this promo for the Piece of me!!