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  1. Does Anyone Know Else Here Have Vinyls?

    I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my faves 18 #1 hit singles, 5 Grammy Awards, 19 World Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, and 14 Billboard Music Awards and 63.5 million sales of certified albums only in the USA.
  2. Does Anyone Know Else Here Have Vinyls?

    Yes sure iconic You barely have 2 pages It's time to get realistic hon
  3. Jays Covers

    They look amazing
  4. This Seriously Has To Stop Now

    I see uni is still as messy as when I left Good, I hoped I wouldn't be bored
  5. Does Anyone Know Else Here Have Vinyls?

    That reply was posted 4 months ago Why you so obsessed with me?
  6. Emotes Pm - Invitation 2

    Stop spamming my thread you fats Nobody cares about that tanked flop
  7. Emotes Pm - Invitation 2

    Did yew notice how I upgraded Luis' emote Legends only
  8. Watch her pull a "Cough cough I'm sick"
  9. Warning! Warning! K-Fed Alert!

  10. Emotes Pm - Invitation 2

    Thanks sis I forgot that flop . he has
  11. Emotes Pm - Invitation 2

    Yes, it is a pm consisting of 18 sections filled with emotes both Britney and from non Britney artist. Do you want me to add you? This is, for example, only the Britney section of the PM, there are 17 more sections
  12. Why Do We Bash Will.i.am So Much?

    I don't really have an issue with him however he clearly wasn't up par with handling a production of Britney Jean is such a short time. For this issue I blame Britney's Team more than either Brit or Will as they were the ones who were rushing the album just to have it out by the time when Piece of Me started. Not to mention the issues he was responsible for on Alien and lack of Britney's vocals on most songs (which probably weren't even recorded due to no time)
  13. Emotes Pm - Invitation 2

    All the new emotes that were added in the TPZ version of Emotes PM have now also been included here. New Emotes section added. Several non functioning links have now been removed. Overall design of logos updated.