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  1. So for #B10....

    I still stand by my theory about her "recreating" her albums from BOMT to Blackout but just "more adult".... BOMT- Circus (the softer pop album) Oops- FF (the grungier classic pop music, a 2.0 of the last more fierce & full of bops) Self titled- Britney Jean (basically self-titled again) [Britney was her most personal out of the first 2...BJ attempted to recapture that but didn't nail it) ITZ- Glory (The experimental, airy, trance-y vibe album w/ no direct theme but was still conceptually sonically) Blackout- B10??? So B10 would clearly be a more grown, mature Blackout. It should reflect her star power of holding pop down for 20 years, anticipating it comes out in 2018. I think she should kind of trace the lines of Janet's Control album. The song itself FITS Britney so much. That drive as well and the intro talking. If only the conservatorship ended during the making of B10. it would make HEADLINES, and now she walk around like "Now I'M in control" it could even play a nod to Overprotected. Shes not that girl anymore. But yes id love songs like... Janet's Control Trust a Try Son of a Gun If All Nite (Dont stop) Britney's Get Naked Perfect Lover Break the Ice Slave Beyonce's Love Drought Ashanti's Only U Madonna's Hung Up Sorry and more....Of course not exactly like these songs but would all be pretty decent references as far as the drive of the song, the dark undertones, serious tones etc What yall think
  2. Britney is Working With A French Choreographer For Just Dance 2019?!!!

    It doesn’t even say they’re working with her. It says he is working on Britney stuff for Just Dance
  3. Rolling Stone: Britney Spears is the Pop Godmother of Our Times

    Absolutely....Aside from MJ, Britney was one of the first to have the WORLD really see her meltdown AS social media was building itself
  4. Britney is working on a secret project

    I cant imagine its a new video or anything revolving new music, Britney isnt that kind of artist to really do surprise things like that. It would be GREAT if we got word that they'll be filming POM and turn it into a New Years special for TV via ABC, HBO etc.
  5. The weird track from each Britney album

    I actually really love TTYH though...the instrumental and Bridge is amazing
  6. The weird track from each Britney album

    BOMT: Soda Pop Oops: I cant get no satisfaction Self Titled: Bombastic Love ( i love this song though) ITZ: Brave New Girl Blackout: Heaven on Earth Circus: Mmm Papi FF: How I Roll BJ: The whole album except Work Bitch Glory: If Im Dancing
  7. Britney Thinks Her Career Is 20 Years Already

    Well she's been on TV since she was 8 so technically she's been doing this for 27 years. It's just to us it's going on 20 yrs since her debut single
  8. I was 5 maybe going on 6 when it came out
  9. New Instagram Post!!! (Sept.26th)

    lol a very lowkwy (not really im just saying) response to the shaderoom putting her & Mariah's pic together and people clowning Brit cuz she looked a mess and still calling her crazy and her hair bad like 2007 as if she didnt release 4 Top 2 albums, had 3 #1 singles and 2 tours & 1 residency like can we stop calling her crazy.
  10. WTF is this photo?!!!

    no its just a strapless shit that comes over the neck....either that or it was a sheet she was holding up lol
  11. Can yall just imagine what B10 will be like?!

    I really want her to explore darker undertones in her music, she really thrives in all her songs with that vibe. I'd love more tropical house but like real euro, not the knock off kind (All my love by Ariana, Wating for tonight by J lo, Slumber Party, even Just like me chorus was great), I wanna hear more darker R&B vibes from her (Often by The Weeknd, Coupure Electrique, Don't by Bryson Tiller...that kind of vibe), id love CLASSIC popney with a weird twist ( gimme If I'm dancing meets BOMT, or Womanizer meets Do you wanna come over? But mature in a sense) and most of all I want adlibsssssssss she teased with Glory and I was so here for each song with Adlibs they really make a difference in her songs and fills them out more
  12. WHAT IF.....!!!

    lol no vegas is done. She's such a legend she is one of the youngest artists to establish a residency, break the stigma of "artists go to Vegas and their careers". She made Vegas Poppin for other artists who are above her and came after her to go to Vegas (Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Backstreet Boys.... and many more who will go to Vegas now because of her) and now she will be noted as one of the only artists who has had a residency for X amount of years and will be canceling the presidency going on an international tour QUEEN
  13. Yay I remember when she was just 12 million
  14. Finally I think they're gonna record "Britney: Live in...." whichever main city or they could even document the entire international tour, the making of and BTS to a (hopefully) new show....one can dream lol