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  1. They're probably some Brazilian 14 year old
  2. Question About Vegas (For Those Who Have Been)

    I live in Vegas but can't afford the tickets.
  3. Top 3 Artists Who Britney Should Collab With?

    Gaga Rihanna (again) Janet Jackson
  4. So What Does That Mean? She Doesnt Want Fame?

    I HIGHLY doubt she was on drugs her whole career
  5. One of the best Britney songs tbh
  6. The Song Literally Everyone Forgot About.

    Blame k-fed
  7. Onyx Hair Color

    Images don't load.
  8. Why Doesn't Britney Post Selfies? :(

    I would love if she posted a selfie on instagram once in awhile omg
  9. A good quality one please I wanna gif it lol
  10. Toxic Pom Is Actually Award Show Worthy Tbh

    One of the best parts of the show!
  11. Aawww! I Didn't Know About This....

    She cares about her fans obviously
  12. Itzney Slaying Korea

    I wish her costumes were still like that.