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  1. Hey...

    you got it
  2. The weird track from each Britney album

    I agree with every single pick except... Britney: Bombastic Love BJ: Chillin' With You
  3. Hey...

    thank you
  4. Blackout X

    thank you
  5. Hey...

    OMG! could you share with me as well... pretty please?

    and people say she's irrelevant when she's still being name dropped on "rap" songs
  7. Blackout X

    Thank you
  8. Blackout X

  9. Blackout X

    Dear Universe friends, To celebrate Blackout's 10th year anniversary, I put together a compilation that I feel captures the essence of the original album. I have included the demo versions and also the unreleased cuts, some of them remastered. Nothing outta this world (reference) but I had fun putting this together. Happy Birthday Blackout! Blackout X Disc 1 Blackout album: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc1 Disc 2 Blackout demos: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc2 Disc 3 Blackout unreleased: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXDisc3 Artwork: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXArtwork Media Coverage: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutMediaCoverage Photoshoot: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutPhotoshoot Extras: https://tinyurl.com/BlackoutXExtras
  10. New Britney hoodie on Urban Outfitters

    not a fan tbh
  11. What Would Happen?

    LOL! ! i wish i was like a billionaire and pay people to do that tbh
  12. i wish they had gone a la Femme Fatale and release a fan edition book for BJ tbh
  13. for Brintey's Last show

    It’s not going to happen, we have all her 1 minute IG posts from POM
  14. better than Glory's lack of photoshoot
  15. Blackout's 10th anniversary - What's team B up to?

    well before the digital era, artists would release albums because they actually made money off of them. Britney's team pretty much exploited her image to make as much money as possible which is why we saw so much of her in the first years of her career. Which is why when the OHT was going on she was DONE with everything and well, we know the story. Now days artist try to milk each album for every penny so eras tend to last longer (Except Britney's) they go on long tours to make their money because now with just releasing music you can't expect to make what artists back in the day (Britney included) would earn with a multi platinum/diamond certified albums