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  1. Bring back Amber Louise and do an episode for W&G
  2. Videos Of Britney's #RockinEve2018 Performances!!! #BRITNEYXRockinEve

    the angles and how they edited the performances helped a lot too. not diminishing the great job she did but you can't compare prof recordings to IG's 1 min videos. Britney killed it and I knew she would like she's done every televised performance since 2015
  3. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    tbh most of us would like BJ better if Britney marketed as a just for fun album and expectations wouldn't have been so high for personal
  4. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

    it'd be happy with a least an extension pack from FF to now and a few new songs
  5. I thought Love was a completely different song tho
  6. Look what just came in the mail!

  7. Hey...

    you got it
  8. The weird track from each Britney album

    I agree with every single pick except... Britney: Bombastic Love BJ: Chillin' With You
  9. Hey...

    thank you
  10. Blackout X

    thank you
  11. Hey...

    OMG! could you share with me as well... pretty please?

    and people say she's irrelevant when she's still being name dropped on "rap" songs
  13. Blackout X

    Thank you