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  1. Happy Birthday TeamBritneyNY!

  2. Psychic Predicted Brit & David Breakup & Her Future!

    I remember this video and it struck me yesterday when I saw the news (I was SO friggin' late!). But yeah, it's creepy and interesting all at the same time. Ha! I really hope Britney finds the best man for her who makes her happy.
  3. Her answer was INCREDIBLE! Thanks for posting this. Zoe really is a sweetheart and I'm so glad people come to defend Britney because she is a great person.
  4. main page Rumor: Britney Making an E.P?

    That's very true LOL. I kind of suspect some of this rumor to be true, however. Mainly because Britney Jean wasn't very successful and, if she does plan to take a hiatus after Vegas, she may want to leave some "new" music for fans, in the mean time. Most of this sounds like what we fans speculate about the resident/hiatus, etc. but I wouldn't be surprised if she release new (BETTER) music. I enjoyed Britney Jean, but after struggling to get through Femme Fatale c'mon! The collab with Iggy would seem lame, although I do like some of her songs and she seems alright, cool and confident. But it's like the time Britney collabed with Nicki Minaj. It's all following a trend, not setting them. She should experience with producers, not mediocre artists.
  5. Me Dancing to Circus (Pom Choreo)

    You did a good job and had fun with it!! Keep it up!!
  6. Hey All, This isn't major news or anything, but I just came across this article and SoundCloud interview. Jenny McCarthy and Jason Biggs mention Britney. I like how they all defend her and want to see her Vegas show. "I have a soft spot for her." SLAAAYY!! Below are links to the article, SoundCloud and a few excerpts. Jason Biggs Declares Young Stars ‘D*cks or Disasters’ on Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM Show SoundCloud, starts at 1:32. Joined by wife Jenny Mollen and comedian Tammy Pescatelli, they discuss stars who made it big as kids like Macauley Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Tara Reid Jason Biggs and his wife, Jenny Mollen, were guests on Jenny McCarthy's new SiriusXM weekly radio show, “Dirty, Sexy, Funny.†They were joined by comedian Tammy Pescatelli for a segment McCarthy dubbed “D*ck or Disaster?†She ran down a list of stars who'd become famous while young to see how fame had changed them. Did they become “d*cks†or were they absolute “disasters� Biggs knows a thing or two about that, as he started acting in his mid-teens on television and became hugely famous in his early 20s when “American Pie†hit theaters and became an instant comedy classic. And he's come under fire a few times for controversial comments he's made via social media; most recently after the Malaysa Airlines crash. But they didn't assess him. Instead, McCarthy rounded up the usual suspects, like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan. [...] On Britney Spears, Pescatelli said, “I think she gets taken advantage of by d*cks. I think she just can't read them.†They gave passes to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, despite the controversies both singers court, because they seem to be in control of their lives and careers. So they're neither d*cks nor disasters. At least not yet. [...] I don't think "she just can't read them" is shade. It seemed sincere, as if Pescatelli meant Britney couldn't read the person's true intentions at first aka Sam -- and falling for someone's facade could happen to anyone. I definitely had my share of experiences thinking a person was a friend, but really didn't give a crap. P.S. Yay! for my first thread ever and it not being that significant.
  7. So basically that person on that other forum who posted about all of this... was right LOL. Cool beans. get that promo bb!
  8. I Have Something To Tell Y'all

    LOL tbh
  9. fans and stans needed, OIDIA:

  10. Speaking of irony...

    LMAO I hope they've already printed this out and ate their words by now.

    I think the low activity is because there's really nothing going on. The forum seems fine so far. It's a lot less clutter. Instead, it's a friendlier crowd. It'll pick up.
  12. Aussies are my favorite. He's so sweet and the segment was awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Seems like an honest mistake / miscommunication. Kinda funny actually.
  14. She's still a good singer. One friend sent the link to me via Google chat, "I hope you have nightmares." I simply replied, "Heard that shit days ago. She's still my boo! *waves*" Then the following day, I noticed it was trending on Facebook, etc. It's a shame how quick people can be to insult Britney when she's one of the sweetest people in the industry. She's no powerhouse, i.e. Whitney Houston, but she has a unique voice and an incredible performer. No one can ever take that away from her or from her millions of fans worldwide.
  15. The Justin Timberlake is a Douchey, Vile, Whiny Asshole Thread

    MTE same on Instagram